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A story for my group, and something that just came to mind. hope you enjoy, give feedback if you will.

"Hey, b*****d!" A female voice sounded threw the bar, it came from behind me. There were more conversations going on threw the bar but this on in particular sounded quite entertaining.
"What the hell do you want, b***h?" Another female voice responded, she didn't sound all that sober.
"Uh, excuse me, I don't think I was talking to you." Then I heard a fist connect with bone and flesh and I could hear the crack of the bones in the offenders fist brake along with the other girls nose. I turned to see the other girl fall and she stopped moving.
"Gale?!" A male voice cried and every pair of eyes went to the owner, except mine. I was looking at the offender. She was tall, thin, she had red hair and blue eyes. The expression she wore was a fierce and unemotional one. A man ran up and knelt beside the fallen girl, he grabbed her solders and shook her, hard. I could smell the blood from the 12 foot distance that was between the bar and the fallen girl. The red headed girl was looking down at the top of the man's head, she couldn't have been older then 17, what was she doing in a bar punching 23 year old women in the face? The man looked up at her and stood slowly.
"Alissa? What are you doing here?" He backed up slowly into an other man. He looked about the same age as this Alissa, he had the same red hair and the same build, I'm guessing her twin. The twin grabbed the mans solders and held him there.
"Alissa, I'm so sorry. I never meant-" "Shut up!" Alissa lashed out and punched the man in the face, and again, and again. "I don't care what you 'meant' to do, the only thing that matters is that you did it. And now you can't fix it, I gave you time and more time, but what do you do with it? You s**t all over it!" Alissa punched the man in the stomach a few times and stood. Every person in the bar was pushed back against the bar and the walls, they were all standing and huddling. A man came from behind the bar and took three steps before Alissa shot him a deathly glare that could kill the strongest vampire.
"Hey now, we don't need this going on in this bar take it outside, and Pete, what ever you did to this girl, I hope you deserve it. And don't come back." The man went back behind the bar and returned to cleaning glasses.
Alissa looked at her brother and nodded. He let Pete go and he fell to his knees, next to his girlfriend. He started to puke blood and alcohol. Alissa stepped over Gale and bent down, close to Pete's ear, she whispered, "Pettie, you know I'll be back. If you've fixed what you ruined, I wont kill you." And at that she balled his hair in her fist and lifted his head. She placed her mouth on his and kissed him fiercely. She stood and whipped the excess blood and alcohol from her mouth.
And at that, she turned and left, her twin following her out the door.
I looked back at the couple on the floor and rose an eyebrow as two men walked over and one picked the girl up in his arms and the other helped Pete to his feet and lead him out the door. I followed them.
I pushed the door farther open and looked to the left and then the right. I heard yelling coming from the left ally, I walked toward the sound and stopped at the edge of the ally.
"Take them to mom, have her clean them and drug them. Then take them home." I heard Alissa say to someone.
"Lissa, you know dads going to be pissed when he sees what you did. You know you weren't suppose to get this violent with customers." A voice I didn't recall, I suppose it was her brother.
"Yes Greg, I'm aware. But don't you worry about it. Dad knows what happened between Pettie and I, he'll take that into consideration." She told her brother with an air of reassurance. Two people started to walk up the ally, it was the two men with the girl and Pete, the man was carrying Pete now, they took them to a black camaro parked across the street. I looked down the ally to see Alissa and Greg walking up it.
"Can I help you?" Greg asked me. I rose my eyebrow in confusion. Most humans couldn't see my kind, even more at night.
They both stopped when I didn't answer. I smiled. "I was just wondering what had provoked such violence between two people." Alissa matched my smile with a small grin.
"I'm not sure that its any of your business sir." And at that they both walked away.

© 2012 MindCage

Author's Note

I hoped you enjoyed it. I kinda think im being selfish when I used my own name but I couldn't think of a different on so..
Tell me what you think and please come back for more.

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