Trail of Broken Hearts

Trail of Broken Hearts

A Poem by Rose Diamond

I always seem to be the one that gets hurt...


My journey began when I was 15
Impressionable, excitable, eager and naïve
I believed a whole new world lay down at my feet
Oh what a foolish lover was I

The first heart I'd broken had found me in June
Your eyes had caught mine from across the room
Between us, girls' dresses like flowers did bloom
As they twirled and spun in romantic gloom

We blossomed together
Or so I had thought
But we planted our seeds inside the same pot
And while one of us grows, the other must die
Oh what a foolish lover was I

The next heart I'd broken 
Was long overdue
For who keeps a rose
When it loses its rouge?
When the flower had died and faded to grey
I grasped the stem harder, begging to stay
For I still saw the red we had so much adored
How could I have known
It was blood from the thorns?

The pain and the blood was all I could take
To try and drown out the sounds of your lies
How couldn't I see that the flower was fake?
Oh what a foolish lover was I

The following heart has yet to be broken
For it to be broken, it must be healed
But both of us are still in the process of mending
But still my heart to you I did yield

I don't wish to blame you
You did nothing wrong
You held me and healed me and sang to me songs
You make me feel safe, secure, and calm
Yet still I know that something is wrong

And I know that you know the path that I walk
Where I leave behind hearts 
I have crushed into chalk
And each day you tell me that you understand
But oh can't you see
This heart in my hand
Is already starting to disband?

You say that my vision is comprised
But there is one truth I cannot deny
Along this trail of broken hearts

None were truly broken
None except mine
Oh what a foolish lover am I

© 2015 Rose Diamond

Author's Note

Rose Diamond
The ending seems a bit sloppy? Is that just me?

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I realize that this was posted in 2015 and Rose is probably long gone but this thing has over 1,000 views and not a single review, so I'm going to write one for the people who read it after me! Hopefully it can help somebody gleam something for their own writing.

Formatting. Poetry is about so much more than just rhyming and putting words on a page. You have to make your work look appealing. That's why you see poems that are center aligned, symmetry is attractive to the reader. Rose broke the symmetry in this poem with three random '?'there were a lot of questions in this poem so the best thing to do would be either use them every time or better yet just not add any at all.

Rose, on the off chance you do read this, you were doing something right or you wouldn't have 1,100 views. I hope that wherever you are now you are still writing and allowing others the opportunity to read your work.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2015
Last Updated on December 14, 2015
Tags: love, heartbreak, romance


Rose Diamond
Rose Diamond


(Formerly Rosie-Chan) Hi there! My name is Rose, I'm 17, I love theatre, music, and literature, and I am a poet! I am literally the most inconsistent poet ever, but I'm ok I guess. more..