A Story by Rourke

an apple with a conscious, a conscience, and an unquenchable thirst for the human soul


The apple could feel the swaying of the mother tree as the wind blew strong. There was a large thunderstorm brewing in the cool afternoon sky. As the mighty wind blew some apples off of the tree Apple felt his flow of strength increase ever so slightly and he relished the feeling of outlasting his brothers and sisters. His own stem held fast to the tree without even weakening in the strong gusts. He was a different kind of apple, more of a cancer that sucked the life out of all that it touched, He would not let go of the mother tree without a fight unless of course a better host came along.

Emmett Foster was walking home from a day in the fields. They had been cutting the wheat today and he was exhausted, however the fates had granted him a bit of luck today because they could not cut wheat in a lightening storm and were therefore forced to go home early. As he was walking he happened to spot a perfect glistening apple perched at the top of a tree along the side of the dirt road. His stomach rumbled as he thought about eating that apple and he knew he had to climb the tree to retrieve it. He looked away from the apple and began to climb the tree, as he put his foot onto the first foothold he realized that he should sell the apple in the market and buy a loaf of bread for the family's dinner. When he reached the top of the tree He caught a whiff of the apple's sweet and fresh aroma. Emmett forgot about what he would feed his children when he got home, He felt compelled to reach out and put the apple in his mouth as soon as possible. When the crisp skin touched Emmett's lips the spell was momentarily broken and a premonition of doom and pain came over Emmett, but it passed as quickly as it had come and He followed through with the bite. The sweet and succulent flesh barely passed down Emmett's throat when he violently convulsed and fell from the top branch of the tree to the ground and Emmett Foster was no more.

The Apple sensed the presence of another creature. He could feel the gaze of an intelligent host to be and he exerted his tantalising and mesmerising aroma and aura to lure in his prey. The Apple knew that the beast did not stand a chance against his charms. He felt the tree sway as it began to climb towards his perch and he began to relinquish his hold on the mother tree. The other being reached out and grabbed The Apple removing the last of its bonds to his first host. It brought the Apple to its lips, the anticipation soared when the prey momentarily paused before taking that fatal bite

The Apple felt a horrible surge of pain as a good portion of his body was severed, chewed and swallowed. But then he felt a new surge of strength as his soul left the weak casing that was his apple and entered the intelligent and strong new body of Emmett Foster. Apple's eyes fluttered open just in time to see a stroke of lightening come down from the heavens and destroy his last host with one fatal and fiery blow also setting alight the dry field by the side of the road. His old body lay on the ground next to him and he reached over to pick it up. As he lifted the apple it began to change. The apple started to shrink and crystallize and when it completed its transformation it was a miniature crystal apple with one picturesque bite taken out of the side and a glowing silvery fog swirling in the center.

© 2014 Rourke

Author's Note

just a strange thought that I had when I was bored in class.
I haven't typed it all yet so don't freak it's not complete
ignore grammar problems please

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This sounds like a cool idea. I look forward to seeing what's to come. Definitely a strange, surreal idea. I like it.

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