Chapter 3 Awkward? Or just plain cute?

Chapter 3 Awkward? Or just plain cute?

A Chapter by Roxess


The day after we got together I still had butterfly's in my stomach, I didn't really know why, but I felt scared in a way. Was it possible that my parents could find out somehow? Would my cousin snitch on me and my boyfriend? No...Amy would have never done that, we are almost best friends. 
Anyways, I was going to talk about awkward encounters because they surley were happening. I didn't notice it until this morning when we were saying goodbye before I would go to class that we never really knew how to say goodbye to each other. There would be other couples around us ethier hugging or kissing and we would just stand there blushing, looking at each other nervously, and saying goodbye. I really wanted to hug him goodbye, but I knew we were both way too shy for ethier of us to make the first move, or what if he didn't really want to hug me? I doubted that by the way he would look and how I would feel but all we could muster were awkward goodbyes during the day whether it was before my first or last class. 
After my last class I headed to get a pass for focus and ended up going into the room Mathew was in for focus because he wanted to hang out with me. I brought my things and the teacher told me I had to work on something while I was in there. I agreed to and I started reading the book that was asigned to me, it was called "How To Kill A Mocking Bird". Mathew would stare at me, make jokes, and make me laugh. Then he started saying my name in random ways that sounded funny. So I asked him if it was fun saying my name like that. With his sweet manner, he answered that he liked making me laugh and that was why he would say it like that. I loved him already and we had only been together for one day. I found out that he was not a christian though... so I guess that's bad but maybe I could get him to come to church. Maybe he would become a christian. He then handed me a rose made out of a tissue and I smiled wide, he was so cute. I thanked him and on our way out of school we looked at each other again, and finally we actually hugged. I had butterfly's in my stumach again, but this time, they were good one. We both smiled at each other and I knew mine had to be idiotic, but I didn't care. We both said bye and I went out to my dads car. I'm really going to miss him over thanksgiving break. I already want to see him again now.

© 2013 Roxess

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Author's Note

I hope you like this.

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Added on November 28, 2013
Last Updated on November 28, 2013
Tags: Love, light, sadness, pain, happyness



Wonderland, WI

Hey, I Roxapoxa131 A. K. A. Roxess, and that is not my real name, but I won't tell you it unless I trust you :D sorry yalls! Anyway, I love writing, drawing, singing, anime, reading ,playing on the in.. more..

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