Digital footprint

Digital footprint

A Poem by RoyRogers

reading a persons words means so much more than looking at them sitting right in front of you. Our eyes seem to often blind us to everything within the person.

UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS! That is the price of the internet world. Behind all masks are men and women. 
Now behind those men and women there is much more than just a person but an idea. An idea of who they are, 
what they are, and what they believe. Now a personality and all the ideas which create it can be far larger then 
any worthless body can hold. You wont expect big things from a small package or kind things from a big 
package but the cover is not all of the book. Sometimes there is far more to a person than what they appear 
and that is the personality which shines through when we are reading the words they speak vs the vision we sea. 
From those words we make a new vision. A vision of who they truly are inside not what they look like on the 
So this computer and everyone within it will always be unrealistic. As we have such unrealistic expectations of 
what to expect from people. All we see are ideas and personality. We dont see the package which holds all this 
information and so most often will be surprised or disappointed with the outcome. Though no matter what box it 
comes in that person is that person no matter what form they take.

© 2015 RoyRogers

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Well written and expressed!
Now days we really do not know what we're getting,
and the technology doesn't help in this situation:(
Thanks for sharing and b-blessed!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 14, 2015
Last Updated on May 14, 2015
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So hi I picked the name RoyRogers since its a street and its a beverage and they both start with R. I will write more later about stuff. VIOLA A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let.. more..