Society is a lie

Society is a lie

A Poem by RoyRogers

Society is just a world of expectations and when you don't fulfill every single one you get burned. There is no loyalty, there is simple reputation. Its never really you, its just a mask. If you stack the deck you can own the world but you will lose your grip at some point won't you. All the masks are enough to charm but it can never keep them. Since in reality you are not really as charming as you appear. Its just a bunch of cold calculations. When deep down you just a poor little kid who never learned real social skills just how to lie very very well. Your not sure to act but you sure know how to act and play the perfect prince dont you? But what is society but a series of lies? 

© 2016 RoyRogers

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Yes, this is mostly truth. But, try thinking of society not as an other. Think of society as US.
We are all at fault for the way things are. The more we lie, the more the world becomes a lie.
The more negative thoughts, the more negative people. It is our job to be the truth. Starting at home. Society is individual people co existing. If it sucks as a whole. That is saying each of us is failing at our job to change this lie. The only way to change this lie. Is to be the Truth. Be the good energy on a road full of negativity. Think of yourself as a member of a functioning body. Every part needs to work together to survive. Yes, as a body today we die. That is where the hope lays. In the gift of tomorrow. nurture the good in life and it will start to change around you. :) society is US!

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Added on July 3, 2016
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So hi I picked the name RoyRogers since its a street and its a beverage and they both start with R. I will write more later about stuff. VIOLA A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let.. more..