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Let me tell you about me-part 1

Let me tell you about me-part 1

A Chapter by Royal Author Nikil Sankar

An intro about the first character


Some says life would be empty without friends. Some says life would be empty without love. But for me life would be empty without ......without....?????.Well, actually I don't know that. My life is like an empty boat floating uselessly in a vast ocean. I don't even know where my road is leading me to. While my friends spent time watching Hollywood movies,I spent time watching Shin Chan. Some called me 'immatured'. But actually I am not. I also spent some time in my books also......Well, It would take more time to tell about me. I would tell you when time comes. Let us see "Who am I".

The most hated piece of electronic gadget(by me), the alarm clock awaked me from my dreams. Even that non-living thing was not allowing me to chase my dream. I hated it more than my Maths professor at that time.
"Get up Shane! It's getting late", my mom screamed while she entered my room to get my cloths to wash.
Oh! I forgot that. Hi....I am Shane Shankar. I am an IT officer in a small IT park. I wished to start a IT Park but ended up as a stupid engineer in a competitive world. I finished my Banchelor degree in Information Technology one year back. Then as usual like a good son I searched for job and ended up in a IT Park in my own city.

Well, I am from Chennai which is popularly called as 'One of the safest city'. But I don't know how much true it is.
"SHANE!", my mom shouted in his high pitched voice this time.
It is she. She won't allow me to do a thing completely. I will tell about her lately.
"Yes mom, I was awake. Will get ready within few minutes. Don't scream", I said and got out from my blanket. I saw my reflection in my mirror.
"How beautiful!you handsome!" ,I said to myself. It would be good if a girl say this to me. I am twenty four years old. Native colour but handsome (only said by me ). Huh! A boy in a medium height...yet single but eagerly waiting to mingle.
I opened my cupboard and took out my cloths and rushed to the bathroom. Within fifteen minutes I got ready and went to the dinning room.
My dad sat there reading newspaper like all other fathers. For us the newspaper is just a sheets of paper with some information but for them it is the world. They would live in it and they can't live without it.
"Late?", my dad asked.
Actually my dad is a friendly type. He is moreover like my friend. He knew many secrets about me than my friends.
"Yes dad, little late", I replied.
My mom came with the plate full of idlies which can fill the stomach of five poor people. Every mother would be like that. They would think that their beloved son should be healthy. But there is a certain limit for my stomach. Why can't she get that? I think her love towards me closed her eyes from seeing the fact.
After done with the breakfast, I got into my Hyundai Eon, which my brother gifted me after my placement. It is a second-hand car only. But for me it shows my brother's love towards me.
After ignited the engine I drove the car towards my prison,my office.

© 2017 Royal Author Nikil Sankar

Author's Note

Royal Author Nikil Sankar
Plz adjust if there is any grammar mistakes

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Added on July 27, 2017
Last Updated on July 27, 2017
Tags: single, youth, parent's love, brother's love