Benjamin's Day

Benjamin's Day

A Chapter by RubberDucky

This first chapter is basically about Benjamin.

   One second my hand was empty. The next thing I knew, I had the loaf of bread in my hand and I could hear the vender behind me yelling.
 "Hey boy, you bring that back!"
   Laughing I ran home to my treehouse in the woods. I climbed up the rope with the bread under my arm. When I got to the branch, I swung my feet up. I walked across the branch, balancing myself, and jumped into my square of a treehouse. It isn't that big, just about eight feet by eight feet, but I love it. My friend Wyatt made it for me. He is 16; 8 years older than me. He is the apprentice to the blacksmith. I know Wyatt because he was an orphan and my family took him in. He lives in our old house all alone now because there is no one to live with him anymore. I could, but I don't like hanging around the house that much. My mum and baby brother both died during his birth when I was three, and my dad drowned in an accident last year. Wyatt will come check up on me every once in a while, and sometimes I will go visit him at the locksmith or at the house.
   I was just about to eat my loaf of bread when I heard a high pitched voice right behind me.
 "What are you doing Benjamin?"
 "Im eating, get out of here Hollie." I rolled my eyes.
 "Can I have some?"
 "No," I replied, " I bet you just ate; walking around town batting your eyes and making people give you food.
 "I did not." She said with her bottom lip sticking out.
 "Fine" I sighed, ripping off a fourth of the loaf and handed it to her.
 "Your share is bigger."
 "I'm the one who went to the trouble to get it. Just eat."
   As I started eating, Hollie glared at me, but she finally started eating too. Hollie is Wyatt's cousin. She is a year younger than me and lives a couple hours away in a small town called Tinston. She comes to visit us in Redland every weekend with her parents and they stay in the guest room at Wyatt's house. I would prefer that Hollie didn't know about Willow, my tree house, but she followed me here one day. Fortunately, I have ways to get her to leave.
 "Hey Hollie, why don't you go and visit the castle?"
   Happily, and to no surprise of mine, she left to go visit Lancaster Castle. She won't be allowed in, but she likes to look at it. Redland is the capital of our country, so the castle resides here. It is the home of King Winthrop, Queen Wren, and their sons Arden and Rodney. Arden is my age and the heir to the throne. Rodney is the same age as my brother would be if he had lived.
   I picked up a blanket from the corner, about to take a nap when I heard a scream coming from the direction of Lancaster Castle.

© 2011 RubberDucky

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Good set up you have here! :) You did a good job introducing the first couple characters and incorporate some first stage character development. If you want, you might try interspersing some more dialouge or action, since this opening scene is really densely packed with important info! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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