The Cowboy's Draw

The Cowboy's Draw

A Story by RubberDucky

A duel breaks out between two cowboys.

  The ground was covered in sand and bits of it were flying through the air. The town citizens were running into the shops and saloons in the street. they didn't want to become involved with the disaster in the middle of town. Two cowboys were standing 20 feet away from each other, staring intently, getting ready to draw their weapons. The first cowboy was skinny and stood about six feet tall. He had long brown hair and a big mustache. He had a salmon colored shirt and overalls. What stood out the most though was the brand new stetson that he had positioned just right so that it created a shadow over his eyes. The second cowboy was shorter, but a bit bigger in size. His face looked as if it was in a permanent scowl. He was bald and had a small sandy blonde mustache and a little goatee. Unlike the first cowboy, his stetson was old and covered with bullet holes and burnt cigar marks. What stood out the most on the second cowboy was his shiny light brown leather boots with black designs along the sides.
  Stetson took a step toward Boots. The scowl on Boots' face deepened and he took a step forward as well. A horse tied up nearby whinnied, desperately trying to escape in case of misfire. Boots put his hands on his hips as they heard another horse running in the sand towards them. A white horse came into view and the rider started yelling at them to stop. The two cowboys ignored the sheriff and continued to prepare for their duel. Before the sheriff could get any closer to stop them, Stetson yelled "Draw!"
  The cowboys reached behind their backs and pulled out their paper and crayons.

© 2011 RubberDucky

Author's Note

i hope you like the ending.

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I love this one~! x)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 10, 2011
Last Updated on May 10, 2011
Tags: stetson, boots, cowboy, draw, saloon, sheriff



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