Chapter 1: Welcome to Equestria

Chapter 1: Welcome to Equestria

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Ruby first finds herself somewhere beside Celestia. As an amnesiac, she meets two pokemon, A Torchic and a Charmander

Chapter 1: Welcome to Equestria

That was all I could see.
Silence was all I could hear.
I could feel something.....
Something WARM.
Something burning at my skin.
Burning, Burning, Burning away at my very being.
It felt as if flames danced at my flesh, but I couldn't feel the pain.

"Wake up." A voice rang in my ear.

The voice repeated and I could see a light.

"Wake up! Are you okay?" The voice rang in a concerned tone.

The light grew brighter as my eyes opened. A white alicorn with multicolored hair stood by me. She looked worried and astounded at me.

"Oh. You are alright." She said.

"What... Who am I?" I forced out.

Looking around, I was in a small room lit by an afternoon sun.

She just looked surprised.

"You don't know who you are?" She asked. "You came out of nowhere, so whoever found you assumed you used a spell."

"A spell...?" I asked. 

I felt my forehead, finding a unicorn horn prominently placed there.

"Huh. That's something. I guess I used a spell then."

"Well, you came at a convenient time."

"What do you mean by 'convenient time'?" I asked.

I looked around to see burns on the walls of a small bedroom.

"Something the castle's research team found." She said. "Two creatures that can conjure fire by themselves. Strange things have been popping up in this kingdom, and I believe these two are some of them."

I just got off the bed, but I felt something metal on my hoof.
It was a bracelet with a bright red gem on it. It was most likely a Ruby on a gold-like bracelet.

"Does anyone have an idea of where THIS came from?"

"I have no idea. I found it on your hoof, and it simply wouldn't come off."

"Wait, so you tried taking thi-"

A rumble came from down the hallway, and the Alicorn came out to see.

"They're back!" She said.

I came out to see the two small creatures.
I couldn't identify what they were, but they weren't as threatening when you first look at them.

"Torchic!" One of them shouted.

It... was just a weird looking chicken spouting fire.

"Charmander Char!" The other growled.

IThis one was more dragon-like and it's tail had a small flame on it, and the flame grew towards me in a ribbon of fire.

"Okay, that was uncalled for." I said. "I don't even know what you ARE."

It didn't listen to me and aimed fire.

Dodging was all I could do, though.
Given the fact that I don't know who I am or ANYTHING about my surroundings...
Any magic expertise that I may have had in the past has been forgotten.
So case-and-point, something amazing had better happen before I become a roasted pony.

I looked to my hoof and saw the bracelet aglow.
The only thing I did was crack a smile.

"If you're gonna do anything, do it quickly!" I said.

Some guards came in shouting "Princess Celestia!"
Well, It doesn't look like they are going to be any help.
My bracelet glowed and produced some kind of sphere.

"Take the device called a 'Pokeball' and tame one of the creatures." A voice said inside my head.

"Wait, what do you exactly mean by 'tame' one of them?" I asked.

"Just throw it." the voice sighed

I attempted to throw one at the dragon. For a pony, I had a... pretty sad throw. Amazingly, it actually put the creature inside it- Wait, WHAT? Before I could process anything, guards came.

"Don't hurt the weird chicken thing." I said ."I have the spherical thing to stop it right here."

"Pokeball, Ruby." The voice sighed.

"Pokeball. Right." I replied.

I picked up the Pokeball, this time with my magic. My throw was still pretty lacking, but got the job done. Before I could resume processing whatever just happened, the voice in my bracelet gave me some... helpful exposition.

"Good. You have caught creatures called pokemon. Their species are a Charmander and a Torchic." The voice said. "Okay, voice out!"

That was the end of her, I guess.
Celestia pushed through the guards and came to me.

"It looks like your bracelet is stronger that I have thought." She said. "There was a voice in your head, I trust?"

I nodded, looking to the two pokeballs on the floor.

"Whatever they are, they are bound to you. They are obviously not from our reality." Celestia said.
"I hope you are willing to tell me any information you learn about these 'Pokemon' you have found."

I looked to her and just smiled.

"I don't even know who the hay I am," I said. "But I would be happy to help."

© 2016 Ruby Pokedex

Author's Note

Ruby Pokedex
You want to review on this chapter?
I really do hope you like the first chapter, but tell me if theres anything that needs fixing!
-Ruby Pokedex

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