Chapter 2: New home and Assignment.

Chapter 2: New home and Assignment.

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Ruby Pokedex will receive her mission to study the bond between Pony and Pokemon.

Chapter 2: New home and Assignment
   The rest of the day had passed on. She told me about how she got them.
During the explanation, I met another alicorn named Luna who was her sister.
An intimidating mare at first sight, but kind all the same.
"I remember one of the researchers in Canterlot bringing those two creatures to us." She said to me. "I was actually quite fond of them."
   The next day was a Bright one, and Celestia called me over from where I found a place to stay with money I apparently had in a small bag of belongings found with me.
It was noon, so it was especially hot in the city. It was quite lively there, which I quite liked. I assumed I was in the capitol of this country called 'Equestria'.
"I know you don't remember who you are, and I know you don't really know what these creatures are. Your bracelet has the name 'Ruby Pokedex' on it, so we can only assume that could have been your name." She explained. "I also know a town where you can safely take note on your new companions behavior."
"I'll be sure to..." I added. "But why are you, a monarch of a country, helping me?"
Celestia just smiled at me.
"You were the right pony, in the right places, at the right time." She answered. "
   The place was a sunny town named "Ponyville", and another "Alicorn" resided there.
I was escorted by a royal guard who gave me a letter with a sun printed on it.
"Celestia sends her best wishes." He said.
   The letter contained an address of where I would stay. She said a student of hers put in a good word. I think whoever I was, I was not a fan of handouts. Any way, it was still a good start.
I had the two Pokeballs with me, and carried them into the train.
I just contemplated what I would do for a job in this town.
That was what it said under the address. I forced a smile and put the letter beside me. Although it was is an honor to be given a task by royalty, I was kinda afraid.
What if those creatures called "Pokemon" attacked me?
What if something were to happen?
What will my new life be like?
Will I ever find out who I am?
Those were things that troubled me on the ride.
The pokeballs were laying dormant beside me, so I picked them up with great struggle.
"You can come out now." I said to the two pokemon laying in their Pokeballs.
   Two blue streaks came out of the buttons and produced the pokemon, Charmany- Charmo- Charmelio? What is it called again? Ah, Charmander! The other one was... Torchic? Yes, Torchic. They both looked afraid towards me. I just tried to give them the sweetest, most reassuring smile I could give without looking absolutely terrifying.
The train bumped, and the little charmander held it's tail to avoid searing the seats of the train car.
They both sat silently by me, giving me a look now and then.
"It's all okay, guys." I said. "I'm kinda as scared as you right now. I don't even know who I am or was, and that's pretty scary."
   The train was getting closer to ponyville second by second. Each stop had people come and go from my car. They all stared at the creatures sitting next to me.
"Mommy! Is that a baby dragon?" I heard a filly say.
"I don't even know what that is..." She said.
   I just smiled at the young filly and looked at the Torchic, rolling around for some odd reason. I just stroked the little bird-like pokemon, and it actually felt very warm!
It playfully pecked at my hoof and fluffed out it's feathery wings with what I could only think was smile. The charmander was fast asleep on my back, but it's tail stayed straight up away from anything. I put my other foreleg around the sleeping pokemon, and turned my head to look at the window behind me.
An hour later, I heard the conductor pony yell "We have arrived at Ponyville!"
   I got up, and woke up the Pokemon (Who were both asleep) and got them into their Pokeballs. Out of the train was a small town filled with quaint houses. I levitated the paper as practice so I could read the paper. It only gave me the sad reminder that my magic skill left a LOT to be desired.
"240 North Sunburrow Lane" I recited and looked at a picture, which was a similar model to the houses her but with a gray exterior.
   I walked down the streets to see many of my kind going on about their day.
Oh, how nervous I was. I looked around only to bump into somepony by sheer lack of concentration. She was pink with extremely poofy pink hair. That pony just gasped and was off in a flash, which only added to my confusion.
"Oh, well. That was strange." I said and moved on.
   I found my house not too far from the town centre, which was convenient.
The door opened easily by my push, since I didn't feel like straining myself after all this stress I have been feeling since I arrived. The place was already furnished with simple furniture. I let the two pokemon out in the living area and went to a desk I saw to leave my bracelet. I tried to take it off, but not even magic could even move it.
"You cannot take it off." The voice from yesterday said. "It is important that you don't take it off. It is vital to the plans I have for you... Ruby Pokedex."
I looked around, but nopony was there.
It was the voice I heard when I got my Pokemon.
"I am happy to see you with your pokemon. Have you given them names yet?"
I just shook my head, and Looked to them playing with eachother.
"Well you can give them names." The voice said.
Her voice was smooth, yet commanding as I heard her in my head.
I must be mad, but it could be ANYTHING sending their voice into my head.
"I will think about their names." I said with a smile.
"Fair enough. Good luck with your life, then!"
The voice was gone, like nothing had happened. I was as confused as I was nervous. I took a moment to relax, only to notice something. My 'Cutie Mark', something symbolizing ones special talent, looked EXACTLY like the capsule that captured Charmie and Torchlight! (Yes, those are my names for them) That probably clears up a few things, but now I have something else to deal with now...
Somepony knocked on my door, now of all times, so I had to come and see who it was...

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Ruby Pokedex
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