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Chapter 4: New Day, New Life, New Roommate

Chapter 4: New Day, New Life, New Roommate

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

The next morning, I woke up with a letter on my face.

Chapter 4: New Day, New Life, New Roomate
The next morning, I woke up with a letter on my face.
It was sent to me seconds ago, because I could remember the popping noise.
"URGENT" It said in red print.
Dear Ruby,
I read your letter, but this isn't about that.
Something has happened in a cherished ally of equestria.
Somepony from the royal family there is being targeted.
I have come to trust you enough to provide shelter
for this pony.
He will meet you in secrecy, so I hope he will be safe
in your care.
Conveniently, he will come after your new job
(By the way, Congratulations!) by the train station.
I wish you the best of luck in your new life, and I
hope you will meet your landmare soon.
She's actually a really kind mare, so I hope she visits
I will help with finding whatever I can about your memories,
so don't lose heart.
                                         Your Friend,
                                      Princess Celestia
P.S. Luna says hello as well.
I got up from the couch I fell asleep on, and woke up Torchlight and Charmie.
They came willingly into their pokeballs as I walked to the adress.
A house similar to a gingerbread house stood before me.
"Well, today is going to be a good day!" I said to myself reassuringly.
I walked in, and nopony but a mare was there.
"Oh! Are you the mare Pinkie Pie mentioned?" She asked.
"It was nice to hear we would be getting some more help around here."
I smiled and walked over to the counter.
"Yeah, she was certainly happy about my decision." I said happily. "And... about other things."
The older mare just chuckled.
"That's Pinkie Pie, all right!"
I just looked around.
It was decorated with candy, and had a schedule board in the kitchen.
"Parties" It said.
I smiled, anticipating the parties posted on the board.
This wasn't an expected job out of a mare like me, but I think I'm going to enjoy this.
I walked out to see Pinkie Pie talking with the mare I saw earlier.
"Oh! Ruby! So you met Mrs. Cake already?" She said cheerily.
"Yeah." I said. "I got this letter telling me to meet somepony at a train station after work today."

"From who?"
"Celestia." I said. "It's somepony from an Ally country."
"Wow! That sounds, Like, Super duper AWESOME!" Pinkie Said, and looked at me.
"So you brought your Poke-EE-Mawn?"
"I think it's Po-kay-mon..." I said. "Their names are Torchlight and Charmie."
A few minutes later, some customers came.
"Okay, just take their orders." Mrs. Cake said.
I quickly made an opening.
"Hello and welcome to the sugarcube corner. what would you like to order today?"
The first one was quite funny.
"Um, Yeah. I'll have a box of muffins." A cross eyed mare said. 
"A whole box?" I asked.

"Yep. A whole box." She said.
I just smiled and asked Pinkie Pie how much a box would be.
"Oh, we have a sale today so... 'Bout five bits."
The mare just payed me the five bits and made off happily.
As the day carried on, more ponies came.
Torchlight and Charmie stood by me the whole time shyly.
I kneeled down to them, and gave them a smile.
"Maybe you could try helping Pinkie in the kitchen!" I said.
I could see them helping her with the s'mores and baking all sorts of things.
Working at the counter, I meet a lot of the strangest kinds.
The day went on, and Mrs. Cake or Mr. Cake would watch over me for periods of time.
Twilight and the other four came sometime near noon.
"It's nice to see you working with Pinkie Pie." She said. "Besides her... Personality, She is a really kind mare."
Just then, I had a headache.
It hurt like one, but it somehow felt... different.
Only one quiet moan escaped my mouth, and I felt kind of dizzy.
"Ruby! Are you okay?" Twilight asked.
"I-I'm fine." I replied wearily. "Probably just a headache."

"Do you need to sit down?"
"No, I'm okay. It's clearing out."
I shook my head, and took my place back behind the counter.
The day went by quickly.
"Okay, Everypony." Mrs. Cake said. "It's closing time. We did really good today!"
I said my goodbyes, and went through the town with my two Pokemon.
There was a lot of "Charcharchar!" and "Tooorchytorchytorchytorch!"
I was right by the train station, and I saw somepony in the shadows.
A piercing gaze struck me as he turned around and saw me.
"Um, Excuse me. Do you know a 'Ruby Pokedex' somewhere around here?"
"That's me, apparently." I answered
"Really? I thought Celestia would put me with another- Um, never mind."
"What's wrong with me being a mare?"
"Nothing! Nothing! It's just... Not what I expected..."
I laughed and walked towards him.
He quickly changed to  an emotionless face, and was draped in a dark cloak adorned with a red gem to clip it together.
He was a unicorn stallion that had a white coat and a mane that reminded me of the red velvet cupcake Pinkie had me try today.
"My name is Velveron Prince. I thank you for taking me into your home."
I giggled.
"Velveron Prince." I said. "The name 'Velveron' kind of reminds me of 'velvet' which also reminds me of the red velvet cupcake I had at work today and-"

I could have gone on, but he cut me off.
"I get it. My mane is the color of a type of cupcake." He said with a small sigh.
He turned his gaze to the Pokemon I had.
"Pray tell, what are those?" He asked.
I was happy to explain, but I didn't say what I was going to say.
"They are these magic otherworldly creatures called 'Pokemon' who can be caught in ball-like capsules called 'Pokeballs' and apparently battle without gaining serious injury."
I was surprised at what I said, because it wasn't what I was going to say.
"Um, Okay then." He said, strangely fascinated.
He followed me quietly, but had a grim expression on his face.
A few seconds later, I saw Torchlight on his back.
I tried to hold back my laughter because he didn't notice the bird-like pokemon on his back.
"What is so funny?" He asked then looked behind him.
"Torchy!" Torchlight chirped.
"She says hello." I said jokingly.
"Get this thing off me! GET THIS THING OFF MEEEEEE!" I heard him screaming.
I just put her and Charmie onto my back.
"They're fine." I said. "She seems to like you!"
"Why are you letting those creatures onto your back?" He asked.
"Aw, don't be a priss. I learn new things about them, and I send my findings to Princess Celestia." I said happily. 
My home was just right down the street, so I picked up the pace.
You could see the castle where Twilight Sparkle said that she lived in.
"Wow," He blurted "Even my castle isn't as glorious as that."
"What was your home like?" I asked.
"Well, It was mostly a land of unicorns. Learning the powers the elemental titans passed onto our society throughout the generations. But alas, nopony has seen a titan roam the lands for years. We think they may be hiding to prevent their doom. 
Nopony has any idea where they could possibly hide."
He was silent for a bit.
We were at the door, and I heard somepony inside.
"Intruder!" Velveron gasped.
I opened the door to see a mare.
Like a flash, Velveron picked her up with his magic.
"Hey! put me DOWN!" She said.
"You are intruding in her home!"
"I'm her land mare!" She screamed.
He just instantly dropped her, and his face was beet RED.
I just laughed a little.
"Sorry about my new roommate here. He's fresh of the... Train?" I said.

"Carriage. I came by carriage. Your train station does not provide transportation to my kingdom. Too many... Um, not best to speak of them now."
"It's allright. This is your first time seeing me. My name is silver ribbon."

She was an earth pony with a coat similar to mine, and blonde hair tied up in a bun.
Her cutie mark was a document tied closed with a silver-like ribbon.
Similar to the ribbon tying up her bun.
"It's so nice to have some new tenants in this house." She said "I'm just across the street, and I rent out a few apartment homes. This is one hasn't been lived in for a while."
"It's a really nice house." I said. "I'm glad to start my new life here."

"Really?" The landmare said. "Where do you come from?"
I was silent for a few seconds, but opened up.
"I came here from Canterlot, but I never lived there." I said. "I was found there by Princess Celestia. I had no memories, but I had this bracelet on my hoof."
They both gave sympathetic looks, and I raised my front leg.
I showed them the bracelet, but Velveron gasped.
"A titan's blessing!" He gasped. "I never thought I'd see the day!"
"What?" I asked.
"The titans may have chosen you for... something. I don't know what, but something!
This is WONDERFUL! This is beyond words!"

I just started to laugh again.
"Okay, get to the point."

It was nice to see someone as stiff as him lighten up.
"Torch?" Torchlight squeaked in a confused manor.
"Char Charmander Char!" Charmie started rambling happily.
I just nuzzled the two pokemon and set them down on the floor.
After that, I turned to the ponies talking to me.
"So by your amnesia, you don't remember much magic?" Velveron asked.
"I'd be happy to teach you."
I just nodded, and watched over the two pokemon.
They seemed to be doing something outside.
The two were FIGHTING!
I tried to stop them, but they seemed... happy.
Like it was for fun.
"You did say they battled without being injured." Velveron said.
They were in battle stances. 
Torchlight stared at me.
"She wants you to train her." The voice in my head said. "I will tell you what to say."
I stood behind the pokemon, and said every word the voice said.
"Who are you any way?" I said. 
"It's best you don't know. Just call me bracelet, okay?"

"Okay" I said with a smile.
I continued the battle, and I could feel my pokemon feel stronger.
The pokemon would switch positions.
I would use Torchlight, then I would Use charmie.
Until the sun set upon quiet ponyville, My pokemon battled to be healed by my wondrous bracelet.
That night, I wrote Celestia another letter.
Dear Celestia,
After work today, I met with Velveron Prince.
He was a bit distant at first, but seemed happier by days end.
I also met my landmare, Silver Ribbon.
Velveron thought she was a robber, and picked her up.
You should have SEEN his face when he found out that she
wasn the landmare!
Tonight was filled with me training my pokemon.
My bracelet can talk to me, and she guided me through
training my pokemon.
I could FEEL them growing stronger, Celestia!
These creatures are truly fascinating.
Velveron prince also offered to teach me unicorn magic as soon
as he could.
I really hope I can learn as much as I can!
                                                             Your friend,
                                                            Ruby Pokedex
PS: I really like my name, but what in equestria is a POKEDEX?
After that, I closed my eyes for a long sleep.

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Ruby Pokedex
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I really do hope you like this chapter, but tell me if theres anything that needs fixing!
-Ruby Pokedex

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