The Mission Part 2

The Mission Part 2

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Rose was the first to wake up. She felt as strong as ever, but she was held down by something.

Chapter 5: The Mission Part 2
Rose was the first to wake up. 
She felt as strong as ever, but she was held down by something. 
The tall blue alicorn created a blade of water to break her free of the vine she was bound by. 
They seemed to be in a waterlogged forest with blue crystals floating around.
She woke up the others as fast as she could. 
"We need to go fast. I don't know how long I can hold the balance much longer." The blue alicorn said. "My name is Aquana Mist, the  temporary queen of the water temple." 
The others didn't say a word. 
They were both confused and mesmerized while they walked around the forest laden with shrines and spiritual decorations like the floating gems. 
"I never knew that we would find a place so... beautiful." Rose said. 
Aquana just flashed a smile. 
"We are not here to admire the scenery. I requested assistance from the bearers of the compact, and I received it." She said with most of her concentration on the spell she was casting. "The compact is the only thing that can put the water amulet fragment back on the sacred altar of oceans." 
They had recently arrived at their destination as a tall black figure appeared. It appeared to be the evil empress, Ravanta. She had a strange set of Armour on this time. 
"QUICKLY! To the altar!" Aquana yelled and picked up rose and hope. "I will protect the other two. Just get to the top of the tower!" 
Before they left, Aquana gave Rose the water shard amulet. 
Ravanta just lunged and gave an evil laugh. 
There were two flashes of color. first black, then blue. The two quickly ran up the crumbling temple as they saw a group of dark spirits up ahead. 
The compact appeared at Rose's will so she was ready to fight. The compact turned into a short sword and slashed through the slime like creatures. 
They were almost at the top as the two heroes felt a tremor beneath their hooves. They were in front of the altar. 
It was made of various blue gems like lapis and aqua marine. 
The amulet started to glow, so Rose used her telekinesis to place it in a hole on the altar. 
A flash of blue light shone all around and sent the evil empress flying. But that wasn't the last of her. Suddenly, Rose fell and was soon asleep. 
She then had a dream which changed her perception of her situation forever. She was standing in a field of rose bushes, and saw a tall glowing alicorn that appeared to be Celestia.
 But strangely, she had a look similar to nightmare moon. 
She had a mane of fire, but nothing was burned. When she looked at her, Her eyes were just as blood red as Ravanta's. 
She expected her to have that same evil smile, but she looked afraid. 
Rose woke up as soon as she saw all the roses turn a dark jet black. 
She woke up with hope by her side, comforting her. 
For she somehow had scars all over her. 
Rose tried to lift herself off her bed, but she was aching all over her. 
"It's all over, just rest." She said wrapping a strange familiar cloth around her horn.   
 "Ravanta attacked you when you fainted. 
Aquana sent us back after saving you and gave me this cloth to heal you." After that, She fainted a second time. 

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Added on January 15, 2015
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Ruby Pokedex
Ruby Pokedex

Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong New Territory, Hong Kong

AHAHAHA OH GOD. WHAT IS UP GAMERS. I decided to look back on some old writing accounts and oh my GOD. I'm shaking and crying. This is the epitome of my 13 year old stupidity. Shaking. and. crying. .. more..