The Plan

The Plan

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Rose had another vision while she was out. This time, she was surrounded by fire.

Chapter 9: The Plan
Rose had another vision while she was out. 
This time, she was surrounded by fire. 
She appeared to be in a temple of some sort. Just then, a flaming alicorn came in. But it wasn't the alicorn from her previous vision. 
She had a deep red coat and lava for her mane, tail, and wings. 
She said "Your destiny is yet to come." She said. 
"You will learn to control the compact, and reveal your true forum." 
"My true forum? Why are you telling me this?" Rose asked. 
Just then she heard the voices of her three friends, then the alicorn just shook her head. "All in good time. Find me at the magma temple!" She said, then Rose woke up. 
"We need to find the magma temple!"  She said. 
"Wait, Rose." Stephen said. 
"We just can't go off right this second!" 
He was using his usual charming tone as he spoke, but she was determined to get there. She just got off the bed and went to Celestia. 
"Ah, you're awake, Rose. Did you have another vision?" She said, reading another note from twilight. 
"Yes, but I was surrounded by fire this time." She said. "She told me my destiny was going to come and something about my 'true forum'..." 
Celestia gasped in surprise. She just got off and ran to the library. 
She came back with a large map. 
"Ever since you came here, the spirit world has been in danger. You and hope are the only ones who can save it and restore it to it's former glory." She said "This is a complete map of the spirit shrines, you will need it when you are looking for the gems." 
She opened up the map, revealing a whole kingdom of temples, shrines, and cities. 
The magma temple was near the center of the map and not too far from the portal Celestia pointed out. 
"That is where you four will start out. The journey will take a day or two, so you will camp there halfway. " 
She said pointing out the halfway points. Just then, the other three came in and asked what they were doing. 
"Tomorrow, we are going to the magma temple to get the next gem." Rose said. "I had a vision that told me to find it, so don't ask any questions that are about it." 
A second after, hope raised her hoof. 
"How will we get there?" She asked. "Once we get there, we will be sent to the spirit world." Just then, a little box appeared in front of aspen. 
There was a card that said "Forgot to give you this! Say hi to Celestia and Luna for me, my chosen champion! Take care of your friends, too! (especially hope!)" 
He just shrugged and opened it. It was a necklace like the elements of harmony, but it had a rain drop on it. 
"Cool! I get a trinket?" He said while putting it on. 
"That reminds me, I have something for you to hold your compact, Rose." Celestia said. She gave her a collar like hers, but it had a hole big enough to hold the compact until she needed it. 
All four decided to head out in the morning. 
"Wait, I can just summon it and DE-summon it!" Rose said. 
Celestia just shrugged and said. "It looks lovely on you, though."

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Added on January 15, 2015
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Ruby Pokedex
Ruby Pokedex

Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong New Territory, Hong Kong

AHAHAHA OH GOD. WHAT IS UP GAMERS. I decided to look back on some old writing accounts and oh my GOD. I'm shaking and crying. This is the epitome of my 13 year old stupidity. Shaking. and. crying. .. more..