The journey to the magma temple part 2

The journey to the magma temple part 2

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Rose was the first to wake up. She saw the strange sun-like thing rise above the temple, and woke the others. It had seemed that magmaria was up all night.

Chapter 11: The journey to the magma temple part 2
Rose was the first to wake up. 
She saw the strange sun-like thing rise above the temple, and woke the others. It had seemed that magmaria was up all night. 
"Some dark spirits attempted to attack us, but I got to them in time." She said. "I love a good fight, but we are in danger here. Proceed with extreme caution." 
Rose just nodded and wiped the sweat off the forehead around her horn. 
The flames near the hill grew more intense as the spirit sun rose higher. Aspen's element created a water barrier around him, Rose, Hope, and Stephen. 
"I wonder what the temple is like." Hope said. "It probably has lots of fire."  
"Um, It's a FIRE temple." Rose said laughing. 
Hope was just looking around and seeing the sights. 
"I just hope the volcano isn't active." Magmaria said. "That would be bad, those poor sods. I hope my army is okay." 
Stephen just felt shock at the word "Volcano". 
"What the hay is a bloody volcano doing by a temple?" He said. "If it is active, what about the amulet and the altar?" 
"We are going to be fine." Rose said. "I think I know what we have to do" 
They kept talking for hours and hours until they found themselves at the temple. It was a sight to behold. It was made out of a ruby-like marble and red gems like garnet. Thin lava streams outlined the path to the opening. 
"Go ahead, luv." Stephen said. 
Rose just trotted up the ruby quartz stairs only to find more dark spirits waiting for them. Stephen and aspen quickly came to their assistance, but the two foster sisters put up the biggest fight anypony could see! Just then, Ravanta appeared in front of them in a plume of smoke. 
"Oh, YOU two again?" She said. "Why must you always be alive?" 
She summoned a scythe and tried to slash at Rose, But she Dodged quickly. 
Suddenly, thorny vines spewed out of her horn and ensnared the dark spirits coming to ravanta's assistance. 
Ravanta just chuckled and took another slash. It almost got Rose, just leaving a big slash mark on her front right leg. 
It hurt badly, but she just charged with her compact transformed into a Rose shortsword. It knocked her out of the temple, but ravanta just smirked and teleported away. 
The one thing she noticed was that she was smiling at her scythe which had a bit of her blood on it. 
She just continued on without any help with the amulet around her neck. She was close to the altar despite the fact that she was limping, but she got up so fast. Hope was by her side, constantly offering her help, but Rose was too determined. She was finally at the altar,so she carefully placed the amulet on it. It started to glow a deep red, and Rose collapsed for another vision. This time, she was in a shining castle. She saw an alicorn with a pink coat and pink, purple and creme hair. 
"For me, you don't have to go to the spirit world. You don't have to go straight to the next one." She said. "You have to relax. Look at your leg." 
She pointed to Rose's cut and something sprouted from the ground. She didn't get a good look at it, but it looked something like her. 
She woke up in her bed again.  
Her front right leg had the scar from that scythe, but it was wrapped in a bandage. Hope was by her side on a chair, fast asleep. She also found a book on the nightstand. It was a magic spell book with a note from Celestia. 
"Practice these!" The note said with a little smiley face on it. Rose just smiled and opened it.

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Ruby Pokedex

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