Rose's New Side Jobs

Rose's New Side Jobs

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

It was the next morning, and she had the adress in a saddle bag. The money and purse she had back in her home world converted into their currency and a saddle bag.

Chapter 12: Rose's New Side Jobs
It was the next morning, and she had the adress in a saddle bag. The money and purse she had back in her home world converted into their currency and a saddle bag. It was strange to her, but convenient. She put her collar back on, and started to worry. 
"When Should I look for the next gem?" Rose asked herself. 
Just then, Luna walked in noticing her worry. "Do not worry about a thing, Rose." She said. "You Don't have to find the next piece a few days after you got the fire gem. Take it easy for a little- Dost thou smell that?" 
A wonderful smell filled the hallway as The two followed it. 
Hope was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. 
"She always cooks when she's happy." Rose said to The princess of the night. They saw hope making french toast. 
The cooking staff was there, but they let hope join in. Even with no fingers, Hope was still a great cook. Just then, Princess Celestia walked in. 
"Luna, what are you doing- Hey, what smells good? Hope? What are you doing here?" She said. 
Hope just turned to Celestia and smiled. 
"I am excited to go on my interview. I read up on what they were, and got even more excited!" Hope said. She was all skiddish and exited. "Best of all... Even ASPEN wished me luck! He's such a nice guy!" 
Her face started to get a little red from blush, But faded. Celestia just laughed and went to wander around the castle, since She had nothing to do until breakfast. 
Rose just did the same. 
Luna followed her and they became friends quickly.                                               
"So Hope used to be a common thief till you found her, bleeding on the sidewalk?" She asked. "
That's quite true." Rose answered. "I rushed her to the hospital and called my parents. At first, They were surprised.  Later, they had warmed up to the young blonde." 
They just went around the castle, talking. After breakfast, She spent the whole time getting ready. 
She didn't know what an important guy would want with her, But she looked forward to it. She did her hair, and she met with Rarity in the gardens. She told her about meeting with fancy pants, and she was insisting on helping. 
"You just HAVE to look dazzling when meeting with elite ponies!" She said. "I have the PERFECT dress for you!"  
"That is very kind of you, Rarity." Rose said. "Not a lot of people do this for me."
"It's the least I could do." Rarity said. "You are pretty well known out there, Lucky you!"
Rose followed Rarity to the place her and her friends were staying at. 
(The castle had recently built a guest house for delegates staying for meetings and such.) Somehow, Rarity brought a mannequin with her. 
She Brought her a beautiful casual dress. 
It had rubys on the belt and a cloth rose on her floppy hat. "You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL darling!" Rarity said. "I heard that fancy pants needs a singer for a big party It could be you!"
Stephen walked in, in full armour. 
"Why, 'Ello everypony!" He said. "I heard that Rose was here, so I wanted to drop on by." He noticed and complimented Rose's dress. 
Stephen was invited to the big party, so he asked Rose if she would come with him. 
"Actually, I might be singing or modeling soon." Rose said. "So you might be seeing a lot of me."
"But I will save you a dance at the party if you have time." He said with a smirk.
Rose just blushed and nodded. 
Rarity was exited that somepony who used to be the original captain of the royal guard's right hoof stallion was in her room. 
Both friends just rushed Rose to her destination, which was octavia melody's home. 
Rose knocked on the door, and Octavia opened it. 
"Are you the girl fancy pants wanted to be a singer?" She said. There was a small party and Fancy Pants was there. "Ah, Young mare!" Fancy Pants greeted her. "Come here!" 
A model manager, photo finish was there.
"This is the girl?" She said. "She looks like a star waiting to be born! She should model!"
"I thought fancy pants wanted her to be a singer" Octavia said. "You SAID she had a beautiful singing voice."
The two started to fight over what she was better at.
"Or she could do both!" Fleur dis lee chimed in. "I would love her to be a model like me, But why not sing too?"
"That would be fabulous!" Rarity declared. "It would be perfect for her!"
Knowing Rarity, you would think she would be jealous, But she was happy for her new friend.
"I think it's a wonderful idea." Rose said. "I would love to model AND sing. Despite that people usually go one way because it's easy, But I like a challenge." Rose sat down. 
At the table and discussed about the big party. It was a party for the alicorn princesses which had a different theme each year. This year was nature. The ballroom would be decorated with the finest of flowers.
"I really loved nature back where I lived." Rose said. "But I never really went to forests due to me and Hope living in a city."
"Wait a minute, You mean Hope?" Fleur dis lee said, sipping her tea. "She's probably going to be the newest wonderbolt. She's just going in without having to go through the academy or anything!"
"Truly a great flyer. Best I have ever seen." Fancy Pants added. 
He then noticed the bandage wrapped around Rose's front leg.
"What happened to your leg?" Octavia asked. "Something in your thrilling adventures?"
Rose just looked at it and noticed black lines seeping out the bandage.
"Something that happened while I was getting the fire amulet to the altar."
Rose told them all about her experiences in the fire temple, and they were all fascinated.
"You really faced an evil empress?" Rarity asked, hovering a napkin to wipe her face after eating a piece of cake. "I do hope it will heal soon."
"Let me." Fleur dis lee said. "I read a little about healing spells." 
Her horn glowed light pink as she attempted to heal it. It worked, but it still had a black stain on Rose's reddish brown coat. 
Rose just looked at it and wondered how Hope was doing. 

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