Hope and The Wonder Bolts

Hope and The Wonder Bolts

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

While Rose was going to meet fancypants, Hope was flying over to cloudsdale with aspen.

Chapter 14: Hope and The Wonder Bolts
While Rose was going to meet fancypants, Hope was flying over to cloudsdale with aspen.
While flying, She felt more and more excited. She was going to meet with the wonderbolts. 
She wanted to fly over ponyville, but bumped into somepony. 
"Hey, watch where you're going!" A mare said.
"Rainbow Dash!" Hope said. "It's great to see you again!" 
Hope just did an aerial backflip in excitement. 
"What's the hurry?" Rainbow dash asked, brushing off the little puffs of cloud on her shoulder. "Hope is going to meet with the wonderbolts." Aspen said. "She might become one." 
Rainbow dash's eyes just lit up. 
"THE wonderbolts?!" She shouted. "You mean- You have a Chance to JOIN them? Show me what you can do!"
"Wanna race?" Hope said.
Rainbow dash just nodded
"It's ON." They both said, smiling.
"Oh, great." Aspen Said. "What have I got myself into?"
They landed on a cloud to be their starting line.
Aspen wearily shook his head and counted backwards from three. The two started faster than expected. Way faster.
Rainbow Dash left a rainbow trail behind her, Which was honestly confusing.  Every step of the way, Hope was in the lead. Cloudsdale was dead ahead.
Hope finished first.
"Not bad, Hope." Rainbow dash said, strangely unaffected.
Hope just smiled and helped aspen to the landing.
Rainbow Dash just looked surprised then started laughing.
"You're pretty good for somepony I don't know that much."
Just then, A yellow Pegasus came from a cloud building. 
"Wow, You were good" She said "The name's spitfire." She came up to Hope and gave her a good look. 
"You seem to be taller and thinner than the average Pegasus." She said, removing her sunglasses.
"Is that a bad thing?" Hope said.
Spitfire just shook her head. 
"You just have more of a fleur dis lee look. She's a popular model." She just gave Hope another look.
"You were actually pretty fast out there." Spitfire said. "But I still need to put you to the test. I have a few trials ready." 
She showed Hope to the spinner and explained what she needed her to do. Strangely, by the end of the explanation, She was already on it! 
She took a deep breath and hoped for the best. She knew she was going to regret this next statement.
"Make it as fast as you can." Hope said bravely. 
"Are you sure?" Spitfire said with a surprised look.
Hope just nodded with a deep focus in her gaze.
Spitfire worriedly loomed her hoof over the button.
"Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?" She asked. "This is a little too dangerous for-"
"I'll be fine."
Spitfire just pressed the button, and the machine started. Hope started spinning faster and faster. 
Hope was starting to get dizzy, but shook her head and tried her best to stay concentrated. It was at it's fastest, and Hope's hair was reduced to a fluttering mess. The belt opened and she was flung into the air.  She just quickly U-turned onto the fixated point without any hesitation.
All three of them were shocked.
"What?" Hope asked, turning her head towards the three gawking pegasi.
"That's amazing!" Rainbow dash squealed.
Hope just stood stiff blushing.
"I was that good? I thought I could do better."
"Are you kidding me?! No pony but a true wonderbolt can fly that fast!"
Spitfire just stood staring, then shook her head.
"I think it's pretty obvious that you're wonderbolt material, kid." Spitfire said.
"If it takes you THAT quick to recover, you have got to be good."
"Kind of like Rose's leg." She tilted her head giggling.
Aspen just nodded.
"What happened to Rose?" Rainbow Dash asked.
"She took a big cut to the knee." Aspen said. "It's healing, but she couldn't walk well without the bandage. She kept refusing any help and kept on going up the stairs."
"She sounds like a brave kid." Spitfire said. "We need to do another test, though."
Hope and her two friends followed with great vigour. 
Hope stood ready to start an obstacle course.
She did fairly well. Just as good as her on the spinner. Swiftly and Accurately.
She finished with a decent time.
"Perfect. Just what I was expecting from ya, kid."
She lead her into an office where she gestured Hope's friends to wait outside.
A while later she emerged with an exited look on her face.
"I got an application signed for an I.D." She said. "I'm on the team!"
"Was there really any doubt?" Aspen stated. "I mean, You did get your flying ability instantly without any training. You have to be good to pull that off."
"Honestly pretty strange." Hope said laughing.
She just saw a carriage pull up by them and Celestia stepped out.
"Did I miss it?"
All the ponies bowed, but she gestured Hope to rise.
"I missed it, Didn't I? I'm SO out of it today. I even rose the sun a little early!" She said with a chuckle.
Luna stepped out of the carriage and looked around.
"I had a feeling we left a little late. How did it go, Hope?"
She just smiled and flew to them.
"I passed without a doubt."

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