Chapter 6: A Pinkie Pie Party!

Chapter 6: A Pinkie Pie Party!

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Okay, Ponies!" Pinkie Pie announced, "Lets decorate for Velveron's secret SURPRISE PARTY!" I lifted up the streamers getting acquainted with my levitate spell.

Chapter 6: A Pinkie Pie Party!

"Okay, Ponies!" Pinkie Pie announced, 
"Lets decorate for Velveron's secret SURPRISE PARTY!"

I lifted up the streamers getting acquainted with my levitate spell.
Many times, I interacted with my Pokemon.
They were happy as they were at rest.
They earned it.

"You two did an amazing job out there." I said. "You truly are unique things, aren't you?"

Placing the decorations up, I felt content.
Working with pinkie pie is really fun, and it will help me pay for rent and other important things.
Pinkie Pie, despite being the silly pony she is, was very kind to help a confused unicorn such as myself.
I orderly placed centerpieces on the table, and we were set.

"Maybe you could practice to be able to do big-scale things." A familiar mare said.

"Twilight!" I blurted. "How are you?"

"Well, I was on my way to deal with a mass of vines, but I found that it was already dealt with. I only saw the vines slithering back into the everfree!"

I just laughed.

"Sorry, that was my pokemon." I answered, 
"We truly are a great team, My Pokemon and I."

She smiled, and went over to talk to Pinkie Pie.
Princess Twilight's other friends came in.

"Hello, Ruby." Rarity greeted. "So you're working with Pinkie Pie? I would honestly see you as more of a jeweler like my cousin."

"You have a... Cousin?"

"Yes! She lives in Filly-delphia! She runs a Jewelry shop there."

Rarity then noticed my bracelet.

"Oh. My. CELESTIA!" She squealed. "That is the most GORGEOUS piece of jewelry I have ever SEEN! Where in equestria did you GET it?"

I just laughed and answered.

"It was found on me when Celestia found me unconscious without my memories."

Just then, another pony walked in the door with apple-themed treats.

"Well, hey there Sugarcube." She said, then looked to Rarity.

"Hey Rarity." She then said with a duller tone.

"Hi there, Um, Applejack is it?" I greeted.

"You got that right." Applejack replied.

I just looked at the basket she had.

"What are those? They look delicious!" I asked.

"Well, those are my well known apple brown betties! I thought they would be nice to bring, being a party and all."

Rarity just looked at AppleJack, noticing that she still had dirt on her from working.

"You know you could at least have put something the least bit formal, being a party for a PRINCE. And for Celestia's sake, wash yourself."

"Wait, then you MUST know he's a... You know... Prime target to somepony? Someone who they are trying to... Y'know... Kill?"

She just gasped.
"I never thought THAT." Rarity said. "Any way... My point is, when somepony goes to a formal occasion, one must look their best."

Rarity then walked away.

"Wow, she seemed a little peeved."

'Ya think?" Applejack said sarcastically. "She's a priss like that most of the time."

AppleJack then walked away to place her basket of brown betties on one of the treat tables.
Fluttershy came in, then more party guests.
There were more ponies I recognized.
In a group, I saw the mare that bought (And ate) an entire box of muffins.
Then, I saw the mare who ran to collect samples.

She then waved at me.

"OOH! OOH! Young mare, come here!" She beckoned.

I came, and she grabbed my front arm with the bracelet.

"Wow, this is a nice bracelet." She said, feeling it. "And it's BOUND to you! Quite rare indeed!"

She then collected herself.

"Oh, my name is crystal flower. I'm a botanist 'round here. I studied the vine sample, and it's unlike anything I have ever seen! Far stranger than the usual stuff from the everfree!"

She went on and on about her theory that it could have something to do with different worlds.
She then looked at my pokemon.

"Quite the creatures you have there. Similar to a baby dragon and some sort of chicken."

She smiled, and took a closer look.

"The tip of this creature's tail is aflame, yet he does not feel ANYTHING! This is far more fascinating that that vine creature. Did you find anything that dropped from the mass of vines?"

I just thought.

"I found a little rock. I ran it back home, and went back here." I said.

"It must have to do with a course of events happening. Did your creatures-"


"Okay, Pokemon. Did your Pokemon come from nowhere?"

I was silent, not knowing.

"I think they came... before I lost my memories."

Curse those lost memories.
I feel ignorant and confused while still growing as a mare.

Just then, I heard Pinkie yell. "He's coming, Ponies! HIDE!!!"

Me and crystal flower hid under the table we were talking at.

"Okay, what are you leading me to?" I could hear Velveron say

"Just be quiet and go this way. Real important." I heard another one of Twilight's friends say.

Everyone just jumped out screaming "SURPRISE!!!"

"What. The. Hay." He said dully.

"It's a super duper special welcome party just for YOU!" Pinkie Pie said.

He just looked to me.

"You're with them, too?" He asked.

"I work here." I answered with a cheery tone. "I helped with making the decorations and stuff! Isn't it nice?"

He just cracked a tiny smile, but it faded.

"Yes. Crafts DO make good magic practice. And decoration placing can strengthen your levitation spell."

Wow, he is really into this magic stuff.

I just chuckled and went to handing out party treats.
He would only talk to me, which showed that he trusted me.

"It is really kind of the ponies here to throw me this party." He said. "The pink one seemed ecstatic about the party. You work with her?"

I smiled and nodded.

"She got me this job when I met her. Her and her friend, Twilight Sparkle helped me with being new to the town."

I smiled, and looked to Twilight Sparkle talking to her five friends.
Working with Pinkie, you hear the funniest ponies.

"I'm telling you! Some time, Some where, they're REAL!" I heard a unicorn mare say.

"Ugh... Whatever you say..." Her friend groaned.

I laughed, and tended to the ponies at the party.
Somepony tapped me on the shoulder.

"Um, do you have muffins here?"

I just laughed.

"There could be. Pinkie baked a LOT of assorted treats for this party, so who knows?"

She just went flying, searching for muffins.
I recognized her by her cross-eyed stare, because she was the mare who bought a whole box of muffins.
Pinkie Pie started the "game pin the tail on the pony" by putting the blindfold on an uninterested Velveron.
I laughed, and started to feel sorry for the poor stallion.
Before he was blindfolded, he actually gave me a 'Well, here I go." smirk as he was being pushed by the poster.

He seemed to enjoy the party, but he seemed more comfortable around me.
I enjoyed every second of the party as I tended to the ponies and would participate in the activities.
As the ponies left, Velveron talked to me before he left for our home.

"Today was actually pretty fun. You have a nice job." He said before he left.

I left after receiving my week's pay.
Rent was due by the end of the month, and my job actually paid well.
I trotted on home, still having time to get food from the market.
I stood by a stove in my kitchen.

"Here goes..." I whispered before I attempted to cook.
It went well, but it was a small cake.

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Ruby Pokedex
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