Look Into The Door (A king sombra ensemble)

Look Into The Door (A king sombra ensemble)

A Poem by Ruby Pokedex

My King Sombra poem!

Look Into The Door: A king Sombra ensemble
Look into the door.
Look. I dare you!
Inside you will see
the things that really scare you!
I may be no more,
but I can still prowl.
I can still see,
But you can't see me.

Look into the door.
You have to because I dared you!
I know all the things
that have really scared you.
I am the king.
The king of all fears.
Although I was trapped
for one thousand years.

Look into the door.
You won't even if I dared you.
I still already know
what has lately scared you.
My powers alone
can show you all your nightmares.
It may just make you die of fright,
but I won't ever care.
Why I don't care?
Oh, I'm just like that, mortal.

You aren't scared?
Well, i'll make you scared.
You want to know fear?
I am fear ITSELF!
You think one defeat
can stop a being as strong as myself?
Well, I will show you.
I'll show you or else!

Look into the door.
Look, I dare you!
Inside you will see
all the things that scare you.

-I hope you enjoyed my king sombra poem! :D Comment if you want me to do more Mlp villians or Heroes!-

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

Author's Note

Ruby Pokedex
I hope you liked my King Sombra poem!
Do you want me to do more poems based off Mlp characters?
Tell me below!
-Ruby Pokedex

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But you didn't double dog dare me

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ruby Pokedex

7 Years Ago

Hahaha... I guess you're right. XD

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Added on January 20, 2015
Last Updated on January 20, 2015


Ruby Pokedex
Ruby Pokedex

Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong New Territory, Hong Kong

AHAHAHA OH GOD. WHAT IS UP GAMERS. I decided to look back on some old writing accounts and oh my GOD. I'm shaking and crying. This is the epitome of my 13 year old stupidity. Shaking. and. crying. .. more..