Chapter 8: Friendly Flower

Chapter 8: Friendly Flower

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

I was calmly laying on my couch admiring the saddle bag I got. It was a sunday, so a lot of ponies got off work early. Then, I heard somepony knocking on my door.

Chapter 8: Friendly Flower

I was calmly laying on my couch admiring the saddle bag I got.
It was a sunday, so a lot of ponies got off work early.
Then, I heard somepony knocking on my door.

"I'm comin'..." I groaned.

I was so cozy laying on the couch with my two Pokemon, since Torchic gave off a soothing heat, which made it nearly impossible.
The door opened to reveal Fireflower was the mare knocking at my door.

"Hi Ruby!" She said with a cheery tone.

"Uh, Hi Fireflower." I said. "Didn't I see you at work yesterday?"

She nodded.

"You just seemed like SUCH an interesting pony! You have these creatures, yet you work a counter job at a bakery!"

Interesting? You must be joking.

"Well, I'm learning all I can about them." I said. "I have learned so much from them already. They are strong, kind, sometimes silly, and just really great to have as friends!"

She looked excited.

"I wish I could find one some day!" She said. "It would be really fun to have a creature like your Torchic or your Charmander to help me!"

"Help you with what?" I asked.

"Well, With my studies on the titanus culture! It's a religion in Dalverta where they worship the wandering titans, who have disappeared."

I just nodded agreeingly. To me, this mare was CRAZY.
I liked it.

"I heard Velveron mention the titans before." I said. "You also said a thing or two about them yourself."

She just gave off an exited expression, and I laughed.

"You and Pinkie Pie are starting to have lots in common, Fireflower." I jokingly sneered.

She laughed as well.

"Really? I didn't notice." She joked as well.

It was just two mares talking by the door of a home in a small town in Ponyville.
She looked at my Pokemon in pure astonishment as they went about their evening.

"So, how have they been?" She asked.

"Oh fine. They pretty much eat a lot of stuff ponies eat, so I like to make them treats on my lunch break."

She smiled, but looked off somewhere.

"What is it?" I asked and turned to my head,and he was magically stuck to the ceiling. I yelped like last time.
"Velveron! Once is enough."

I could hear him laughing as he landed.

"It's just fun to listen." He chuckled. "Your name is Fireflower, right?"

She nodded happily and introduced herself.

"So you know about the titans?" He asked. "I actually am the heir to the king of their home country. It is an honor to meet a pony as interested as yourself."

"What is royalty doing in a small town such as ponyville?" She asked.

He just explained what he explained to me about his country troubles.

"Truly a fascinating story, Velveron." She said. "I've always wanted to go to Dalverta, but I never knew about the conflict there."

He just smiled kindly and went off... again.
Fireflower and I sat on my couch, and she brought over some books. Weird comic-like ones from a country called... Ja-Pony I think?

"It's nice to have a new friend." She said suddenly.

"Wait, Friend?"

"Of course! Why else would I want to come over? I work at a garden somewhere, and a mare there told me more about those Pokemon, and the vine creature your pokemon fought! I believe she got to talk with you at the party?"

I nodded.

"Crystal Flower."

Just then, I felt dizzy and started to have a headache like the one I had a day or two ago.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah... I'm fine." I said weakly. "I had something like this a little bit ago..."

She just looked concerned, but my headache cleared up.

"There." I said. "It cleared up. See? Everything is PERFECTLY one hundred percent FINE."

"Okay." She said. "Tell me if this happens again, though. This could have something to do with... whatever has been going on recently"

"I'll be sure to if I can- Wait what?"

She looked at the window, and got up.

"It seems as if I should be taking my leave." She said. "Enjoy the rest of your day, Ruby Pokedex. I hope to see you soon."

She left, and I went back to laying on the couch with my two pokemon curled up beside me, trying to ignore the "what has been going on recently" comment.
I felt something burning against me..
Charmie's flame was against my stomach.
It didn't hurt as much as a regular flame, so I let it be.

"I guess pokemon fire and regular fire are different." I mumbled to myself, feeling torchic's warm head under my chin.

There I read the book I found.
A big empty space was by "The many" where another word could be.
I tilted my head, and ran my hoof with my bracelet over that space.
The ruby shined, and a word appeared.

"Sacred" I read out loud. "It says the many sacred schools of magic."

I chuckled sarcastically.

"How did I not expect that?" I sneered. "This book offers more than the regular eye may see."

I flipped through to see many schools of magic that were unknown by many unicorns.
Card Magic.
Energy Magic.
Alchemical magic.
Many different types of magic were there for the learning.

I noticed something, and grunted.

"The third time doesn't work, Velveron." I said in an annoyed tone.

"Heh. Sorry." He chuckled. "I just wanted to hear about your book.

I just smiled and scooted over a bit so he could sit on the couch.

"You have got to learn some more spells, Ruby." He said.

"How about I teach you?"

I smiled thankfully.

"I would love to learn as much as I can, Velveron."

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