Chapter 1: Death

Chapter 1: Death

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

How could this happen to me? How could have this been my final day? How... How could I die?

Chapter 1: Death
How could this happen to me?
How could have this been my final day?
How... How could I die?
Why Now?
Why ME?

It was dark, and there was a man rambling.
He was rambling utter nonsense, so he was certainly mentally ill.
I couldn't speak because my mouth was covered, but It only muffled my screaming.
I thrashed about, only to hear the man rambling on and on, louder and louder.
The police came a while later...

"Sir, Release the girl."

He just barked something I couldn't understand.
Then I felt something against the side of my head.
A gun.
My blood felt cold with fear as I felt the gun against my head.

"Put the gun DOWN!" one of the officers barked.

"He's insane! We have to get the girl and get HIM to a mental hospital!"

The man just slung his arm around my head tightly.
I was thrashing about, scared to think that my final moments would be tied to a chair with a gun against my head.
I tried to get out, but only my arm was free before he pulled the trigger.
With my freedom, I threw myself back.
That only made the bullet hit my heart.

I was stone cold DEAD.
There was a light, but that only woke me up like it was all a bad dream.
Was it a bad dream?
I woke up to a wide field, lush and green.
Instantly, I recognised it as the field me and my friends would go to that would look over the graveyard.

I could see people gathering there, and I could recognize a woman standing by the

"Mom?" I blurted.

I started to call for her, but no one could hear me.
Louder and Louder...
I called out.
Then, I could feel someone put their hand on my shoulder.

"You know that's not gonna help." A man said with a british accent.

I just turned my head to see a man with white hair and grayish blue eyes.

"Hello, Valerie." He said with a calm tone. 

I was confused.

"Are you... an angel?"

He laughed, and gave me a witty look.

"There's no such thing, Val. Can I call you Val? I'm just what you call a guardian, Or a keeper if you must." He laughed.

He seemed pretty chummy.

"No such thing as angels?" I asked. "Doesn't that mean that there is no-"

"God?" He interrupted.  "Nah. There's a head of our kind, but nothing that special."

I just looked to the funeral.

"So... I'm dead?"

He nodded.

"Does that mean... I'm a ghost?"

He laughed again.

"Again, no such thing! A girl like you comes at rare chance, an' everyone in my troupe knows what that means!"

I just looked sadly as he rambled on.
He was talking and talking and talking and talking....
On and on and on and on...
It felt like forever.
Maybe this is hell?

Apparently that doesn't exist.
Thank goodness.
I have never been one for religion, praying and worshipping.
The funeral just carried on.

I couldn't really hear what they were saying, because of the distance and that british accented pretty boy drowning the sound out with his talking.
He just tapped my shoulder, noticing me not paying attention.

"Long story short, you have something called 'The Potential' where you can be something like me!"

He looked pretty cocky when he said "Something Like Me"...
Then he just sighed frustratingly, noticing my disinterest.

"Just follow me. You'll know soon enough." He said

A portal appeared in front of me, and he grabbed my hand.

"Wait!" I shouted. "What about my parents?"

He sighed again.

"Sorry. Nothin' we can do." He said. "Every time you get near any family or friends, you go invisible and no one can hear you. Don't know why, though."

I saw another glimpse of my own funeral before going into the portal.
A tear rolled down, but I just looked ahead.

"It's always hard... Leaving your life." He said. "Like it was hard leaving mine."

Through the portal was a small room with a table and doors on all walls.
The portal brought us through the door on the north wall, and the man was first.
He just walked around and looked.
"Well, it seems like no one's here." He said, then was soon hit by a door.
It was a woman in black clothing walked in.

"Oh, great." She said. "HE had to bring the new meat?"

Her hair was done up in a bun propped up with a silver hair piece.
She looked confused.

"Where is that idiot any way?"

He reached his arm out from behind the door and tapped her shoulder.

"I'm stuck behind the door, mate."

She just threw the door back closed to see him against the wall.

Despite all this, I still felt guilty.
The guy just noticed my feelings, and tried to comfort me.

"It's not that bad." He said. "Look, the fact you're here means that you are one of us. Just learn what we have to teach, and You'll be just fine. We ALL had to leave our lives and loved ones behind when we died."

He reached out his hand.

"My name is Wesley."

I just laughed.

"That is just SUCH a brittish name." I giggled.

He just gave a sarcastic laugh.

"That's what they ALL say." He sighed. "Bloody Idiots."

The woman laughed too.

"Well, I guess I should introduce myself as well." She said. "My name is Emilia."

"I thought it was just Emily." Wesley chuckled.

"Shut up, Wesley." She grunted. "Emily is A little girl's name. It's EMILIA now."

I just laughed at the two bicker.

"Thanks for making me feel better... But I'm not a hundred percent sure what's going to become of me right now."

He just looked at me.

"Oh. Right!" He said. "I keep forgettin', Val. Thanks for reminding me."
He then ran into one of the rooms to grab something, then came out with a dusty book.

"I've been waiting a long time for this..." He said excitedly, then read.

"Welcome to your so called 'afterlife', new recruit. You are an individual with something the guardians call 'the gift', which allows you to serve your new life watching over the human race and ushering dead souls into your power gems to keep your power flowing. We have made a deal to use the energy the human race releases when they die. You have been brought into your troupe based on general skills, personality, age, place of death, time of death, and your memories of the past.
You have landed within the ranks of the vilda troupe currently stationed by your city for the time being.
We know how hard it is to leave your life, but please understand you are doing the right thing working with your assigned troupe."

He then just looked at me.

"It is going to be nice to work with you, Valerie Summers."

Emilia just smiled and nodded.

"We're a small troupe, so we are more than happy to accept a rookie."

I was just silent, because I was still taking it in.
This is all so weird...
I died.
I have some kind of "Gift".
Why do I have this?

Why do they use death as a power source?
Emilia just lead me into a room.

"The others aren't here yet. This is the women's dorm, so get yourself acquainted."

I just looked around.

"We're all dead, right?"

Emilia nodded.

"Then don't we NOT need sleep?"

She laughed and patted my head.

"It's complicated, sweetie."

She walked around, and I took a lower bunk of one of the bunk beds.
This is so strange.
What about me has anything to do with me having "A gift"?
I just closed my eyes, confused and sad.
It's nice to make new friends, though.

It's just.... Something inside me just throws my emotions around.
Is it because I can't cope with death?
All the people I left behind?

"Maybe it's just post traumatic stress..." I said to myself. "I just need to cope..."

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Ruby Pokedex
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