Time is Not a Patient Fellow

Time is Not a Patient Fellow

A Poem by Sage

This is darker than my usual style of writing. I guess this is a freelance poem? I don't know, honestly. It sort of just happened.


Time is not a patient fellow

Nor one to make amends

When the sky bleeds orange and yellow

When white crests ride the boiling sea

Time is not a patient fellow
He has no heart, you see
He'll take you by the throat, and say 
"You know, I killed your King."

Time is not a patient fellow
Time cannot be reasoned with
Time is not one to rejoice 
Or revel in grace or choice 
Time is not forgiving 
Time is not kind 
Time takes with fists clenched tight
Your truth, your light
Your sanity, your strength
Time will leave you wanting
Craving, hurting, dying
Time will sit by your bedside and laugh,
"Long live the King."

Time is not a patient fellow
He is spite, he is demise
With a bottle of sherry and a smoking pipe
He'll lean back and smile
and watch the life leave your eyes

© 2013 Sage

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Incredible writing! I loved the repetition and how you made time like a real person at the end! I forget what that's called but it is always an essential part to a great poem it seems. I liked your description and your ideas. Nice work!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on December 18, 2013
Last Updated on December 18, 2013
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