But All's So Empty

But All's So Empty

A Poem by Rum-Zee

I wrote the first Draft of this when i was in 7th grade and then edited it my senior year of high school. Hope You Like it!

  Emptiness use to haunt me, creeping it's dark, cold, scaly fingers around my neck, shoving me past its pointed teeth in rows of billions. I can't breathe or see. When my heart thumps of nerves it rings through my whole body, sending chills down my back. My breath catches in my throat as fear encloses around me, the fear of being shoved down Emptiness wet, hot throat. But really, I'm already there. The walls are boarded up with the bodies of the lost souls and it rank of blood and misused bravery. I sat and waited for Emptiness' return. He was cunning that way, being the beast that held me in and being the beast that kept me running within him.

I cry out for help but no one is listening. It hurts to have Emptiness creep inside you. The kind of hurt where you can't even feel your own heart beating, not knowing if you’re going to die from it or just suffer. I don't wish for death though. My tears may fall but I will rise above it all.

He'll come back, except this time I will not show cowardice. I am going to fight it. Get all my strength and build a shield from it, gather the left behind souls that are anxious for vengeance and make a sword. So here I am, facing my fear of this beast called Emptiness. Doubts ran through my head, echoing from every wall I put up against him. Can I do this?


Too late now. He's coming for me. No, wait. I can't. Let me be! My walls began to crumble and cowardice began to flow out of me, putting itself on display for Emptiness to laugh at. He's closer now reaching out his hands. I touch my neck hoping it’s a dream, this can't be what it seems. I turn and run, trying to get away. My heart beats twice as fast and more tears seem to fall. Help me! Help me get away from it all! I stopped to take a breath and I could feel it growing inside me as he captured me in his hands. Please, just let me be! Let go of me!

Darkness envelops me. Where am I? Did he get me? I ask myself the most cliché questions but panic has no time for originality.




© 2012 Rum-Zee

Author's Note

Don't be afraid to give your opinion. :) i look forward to it

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You started that in 7th grade that's deep i like it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 21, 2012
Last Updated on July 21, 2012
Tags: Emptiness, haunting, pain, heart



Wavo, TN

I'm not afraid of people's opinions. Just give them respectivly. I've been writing since 7th grade and it and Art are pretty much my life. more..

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