A Challenge With Curiosity

A Challenge With Curiosity

A Story by Meh

Just a random fragment, about how I faced a challenge with curiosity, when I stumble upon something different...



            Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of typing up my Science Fair Project report, I spot a file labeled “Mesa Union Junior High YB Graduate.” I know that “YB” stands for Yearbook and that this is the document where my father wrote my congratulations note for when I graduate. There is a violent debate forming in my mind, torn between opening it now or keeping it secret until the right moment, the moment that I finish Junior High School and go on to a new life.
            I sit there, on my chair, with my curser on the document. Should I? Should I not? I sigh, sick with the argument that jams my head.
            So long to my report, I think, not thinking at the same time. I can’t think until I know.
            Oh, enjoy the moment at its best, a female voice says lightly. You will find out someday, when the story it at its height and the climax is just right.
            Open it, another voice says, with the same tone, but with a slighter edge to it and it was a male. You’ll find out about it later on anyway.
            That’s cheating, dude, the other says. It won’t be happy when it comes the right time.
            Listen to me, says the other, somewhat annoyed. You want to know, right?
            I smile. He’s right on that one.
            Then do it! He continues, luring me in.
Curiosity. My willpower crumbles.
Curiosity kills the cat, the other female voice quotes.
Forget you! He hissed. She’s not a cat!
Well, she’ll pay for it at the end, she replies angrily.
If she wants to open, it well, that’s not against anything, he cries, his voice rising. It’s a free country—
Enough! I scream loudly in my head. You two are giving me a headache and the last time I had a headache, I threw up!
Well, he started it—
I did not! You did! she retorted angrily.
Will you both shut up? I asked angrily. I have made my choice! They stop, waiting for me to make my next move.
            I click my curser.
            But I do not click it on the document. I click the exit button and the dialog box disappears into oblivion. I had made my choice and I swear to keep it. For one, I will not be nosy and too curious. I will savor and bathe in the moment when it comes, when it is the right time. For once, I will not let my curiosity get ahead of me.
            Just this once.

© 2009 Meh

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Author's Note

I don't really have a "purpose" for this story, but I know a few things... I alternate between past and present tense. I'm not proud of it, it's really bad writing, just a spur-of-a-moment writing piece. Anything else helps. I know I need more descriptive language in this, but anything helps. As always.

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Added on April 17, 2009