Unblock That Writer! (Version 1)

Unblock That Writer! (Version 1)

A Story by Meh

A random story I'm proud of. You'll see why. ;)


            i have no idea what to write about.

            yea that right. i hit the wall and slammed straight into the biggest writers block the world has ever seen. yea thats right. i feel totally empty i refuse to write with the right grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling… what? whats the word im looking for? Rule? Conditions? Ah, the word is propriety. i refuse to write with the right grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling propriety. i refuse to spell the word yea with an h at the end and capitalize the first letter of the first word in each sentence and put an apostrophe before the letter s in the word thats. im using fragments and run on sentences and using the word and so many times.
            thats what i feel like when i hit the wall and slam straight into the biggest writers block the world has ever seen. god, if my ninth grade english honors teacher would’ve seen this piece of writing she wouldve kicked me out of honors english. or kill me. actually I think she wouldve done both. so lets just hope she never sees this piece of writing.
            i feel so empty and so drained out of all the ideas i ever had in my mind. i cant resist the urge to write so this is what about: nothing. i write of nothing until i find something to write about. but since im still searching for something to write about and with no hope i write about nothing. until then nothing.
            i try to empty my mind of the emptiness by writing this way and by writing lightly and by not adding commas where they really should be. thats something i keep doing but i have to stop so i erase them. And so i go. And so i do.
            maybe i’ll finish the story of that girl named minnie and her vegetarian dog. but are dogs vegetarians? maybe minnies dog is no ordinary dog just as i am no ordinary girl. i have no clue. yea thats right. i have no clue. someday my mind will be emptied of my emptiness. maybe. someday. but for now i have no idea what to write about. yea that’s right. but as i end this i realize something. i realize that i just told you about nothing. correction. i just wrote to you about nothing. i told you why i wrote nothing by actually writing about that and by writing about nothing, I start to write with feeling. I start to write darker, bigger, and bolder, as if I have some of myself back again, as I have regained hope and the sight to see a new day. Hallelujah! I think I know what this means now. And I think you do too…
            But it doesn’t stop there. Or here, should I say. It keeps going and going, as far and as fast as my pencil will write. I start to add commas, write in complete sentences, add apostrophes to my contraction words, and spell correctly. Then, I capitalized my sentences and suddenly nothing becomes something. Nothing to write about becomes an idea, something worthwhile and valuable.
            I stand up and jump over my Writer’s Block. In an instantaneous flash, the biggest Writer’s Block the world has ever seen suddenly changes into the littlest problem the world ever imagined to really be real. I am free. Hallelujah! Nothing becomes something. I am free.
            Yeah, that’s right.

© 2009 Meh

Author's Note

Yeah, I know that more than half of the story is written in wrong grammer, spelling, and stuff like that. It's my style of writing in this story. Your comments/reviews on the style of my writing is still welcome, but I want to know about the plot. The content. The good stuff. I want to know what you think of the idea of this story. The purpose... well, I think you get it. If you don't, tell me that! I'll try my best to clarify this.

Thanks again!

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Bravo! :D I like how at first it was written poorly, and then it gets better as you overcame the writer's block. I think this is very original. :) Great job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 17, 2009