with spirit eyes

with spirit eyes

A Poem by RuseInex

i’ve got thorns
sticking out of my body
bruises still purple mixed with red
i’m covered with the same dust
that covers the things of neglect
surrounding my world

but i’m still alive,

and though weak and beaten up
by the things of this world,
i’m alive,

and strong enough
to keep fighting
with weapons
not made of flesh and blood,
but mighty,
to pull down
invisible strongholds

i’ve used one of these weapons,
i’ve prayed for the sick
and seen them recover
i’ve seen their joy
mixed with mine
when they shout out
their own wins

there are many warriors on this earth
don’t be fooled,
as i once was,

they come in ordinary garb
no ninja suits,
or terminator armor
not wearing those kinds of weapons
just clothed in regular clothing,
just flesh and blood,
like us,
like moms,
weak to the outward eye,
people you just walk by,
but strong in faith

no call of duty in their arenas
to the outward eye,
like the war theaters of the middle east,
or clandestine reconnaissance
as earthly agents,
like special ops,
or seals
or green berets

but in the spirit realm,
if you could see
with spirit eyes,
you would see them armed
with holy weapons
called faith and prayer
surrounded by
the mightiest weapon of all
the love of almighty God

with spirit eyes,
you will see them,
bathed in brilliant light,
together with angelic beings,
those servants of God,
created of flaming fire
assigned as watchmen
over those who belong to him
intervening as needed,
for a reason
for a season

flesh and blood cannot inherit
the kingdom of God,
but until then
we walk by faith
which is a formidable weapon,
without it we walk blind

with it,
we see and feel the invisible

with it
we move mountains,
so to speak

our invisible helmet
is knowing
we are saved from destruction,
which we wear to protect our head,
and our mind
from the invisible enemy,
whose lies,
or impressions,
that once entered into us,
to the point
that we might believe them,

our faith is a shield
that protects us from
his fiery arrows

we have the sword
so to speak,
our strongest offense
to counter attack the enemy
and do him greatest harm

the sword is God’s word
we must learn it,
memorize it,
use it

words like,
i love you,
i forgive you,
i need you
i stand for truth


words that are too ugly,
big lies
you know them as well as me,

they are part of life’s thorns
and inescapable,
they will not contaminate my page

i’ve wallowed in helplessness

i’ve gotten weak

it comes and goes

i’ve been at the edge of defeat,
ready to toss in the towel,
when the chips are down,
i’ve been ready to cash it all in

i have learned,

i’ve seen,
an invisible force,
take the fight for me,
analogous to the prose,
footprints in the sand

he’s real
and keeps his promises,
all of them

he will not let you be tempted
beyond your limits,
but faithfully,
he will make a way for you
to escape
and continue the fight

whatever crisis
whatever fight
he will sustain you,
on your level,
just like he did for vanya,
the russian martyr

he will intervene
and fight for you,
and carry you when you’re tired

like he did for carrie,
in her,
jesus take the wheel,

he will fill you with power
’cause he’s given victory
over eternal death

© 2019 RuseInex

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Added on May 18, 2019
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Fresno, CA

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