A Screenplay by WriderParker

This is going to be a RPG game my friends are making.

Once a warrior that fought bravely in a war in Shinar Empire. Aither was cut down in battle before his time by several arrows. He is later brought back as the undead by the Undead ruler, King Fatih. Unfortunately when Aither is brought back he doesn't remember anything more about his life before dyeing. Aither now must take orders from this being, and along the way try to remember his past life. 

In the RPG: You are Aither an undead warrior that must find out more about his past life, and grow stronger to complete his mission.  You will be able to decide if you have been brought to the realm of the living as the undead, to ruthlessly seek vengeance or seek redemption. Different paths will come with different items, skills, and friends. Along the way of tearing the world apart or saving it; find rare items, weapons, or stories. 

King Fatih
A few hundred years before Aither, King Fatih was a ruthless warrior king for the city state Atraps in the Shinar Empire. Longing to control the entire empire as the sole king, he ruthlessly fought the other city-states while the entire empire was already at war with another Empire. After razing a few cities he is cursed by a powerful priestess, from on of the cities he took, that he shall only be the King of the Dead. The next day after being cursed King Fatih dies while sleeping under his favorite tree in his garden. When the servants found him they couldn't pick him up since his back seemed to be attached to the tree. King Fatih came back to life as the undead, while attached to the tree. The Tree grew to an enormous size making the King turn into a wooden being stuck to it. The Roots to the tree grew all across his kingdom killing the the ground, poisoning the lakes and rivers, and causing untold grieve. The Land now has black rocky soil, with roots that poke out everywhere. The sky is dark and the air is hard to breath, and the only source of clean water is the pond in King Fatih's garden. His roots in the ground have given birth to undead creatures, that have died on his land, made of Flesh and wood. Roamers came out which were zombies made of Flesh and wood that leave the kingdom and collect bodies of those that die in battle. King Fatih, has complete control of the land and sees all in it. 

© 2010 WriderParker

Author's Note

My friends and I are making an RPG game, with a $0 budget, but i'm going to write the script...i've never written a script for a video game, and it's not so much hard as it's different. For now I'm going to show off the Main Character and the Bad Guy. To see a picture of King Fatih check out the picture cover for this page!

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Posted 9 Years Ago

sound like a cool game to play

Posted 9 Years Ago

Sounds like an interesting idea.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The story was amazing. This would be a interesting RPG game. I like the two main characters. Always make a story stronger using nature and the dead in a story. A very good story. I would like to see it expanded to more chapters.

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow, this seems like a game that i would play. haha, the story line is interesting. i wish you luck on making the game. :) King Faith is skinny, is that picture water color?

Posted 9 Years Ago

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