I've been gone for so long!

I've been gone for so long!

A Story by WriderParker

Yeah i'm back for real this time and for those that want to read something from me after all this time, thanks. i'll start reading everything you send me from now on!


So as some of you may know I took an extended leave of absence. I thought that I had a problem, which I still do, and could fix it if I left and looked at my life. Well that didn’t turn out the way I hoped because I still struggle with my problem. It turns out that giving up your passion like an idiot isn’t a sure fire way to help you. In fact it seems my problem got worse when I tried to give up writing. This took me a long time to figure out (months to be exact) because my mind wasn’t fitting the pieces together very well. I was like that special kid in the per-school class that tries his hardest to fit a square peg in a round hole. It just did not fit and my mind wasn’t putting two and two together. 

So after a few sleep deprived nights and some reading on my part my mind clicked. After I read Steven Kings’ On Writing, which I highly recommend, I finally figured it out. Thanks Steven King! I don’t need to give up writing to quite my addiction I need to keep writing! I need to allow myself to feel all my emotions as I struggle to find peace�"the highs and the lows.  I need to write these emotions down on paper, archive my feelings and allow myself to have others help me because they know what I’m going through. 

As writers I believe that we’re more sensitive souls then any other type of person. Thank God because I’d hate to read or hear the musing of a mechanical engineer.  It is our soul duty to express ourselves and create works of literature that inspire and entertain. Side note: I also learned that Ernest Hemingway was a damn genius when it came to expressing emotions in his writing. Though I wouldn’t take all of life’s advice from the man considering he blew his brains out in perhaps a drunken fit.  

So hear I am back again to write and read and hopefully get better at both. As well as the chance to express my emotions without having to resort to sticking a shotgun in my mouth after some hard liquor, sorry Ernst I couldn’t help myself. So to those that had the patience to read this after being gone for so long, like you really care though, I thank you! 

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Author's Note

does more need be said? Sorry for ignoring all my writing buddies for so long. i've just been a idiot but i'm fine with that because i'll just write about it.

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Hunh. I know how you feel. I've been so busy being mom the past few years that I've put my writing aside. I've always loved writing. Not allowing thoughts to flow from my fingers has created a sort of wasting in me.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Thank you Steven King for giving you good direction. Writing can do many things for a person. I found a diary of my Grandmother of 30 years. She die 5 years ago. I read her stories and notes. The book was her peace. Her words are a honored book in my house. I'm glad you are writing. You will be thankful when you are old and gray like me for keeping the memories alive in words.

Posted 8 Years Ago

"As writers I believe that we’re more sensitive souls then any other type of person. Thank God because I’d hate to read or hear the musing of a mechanical engineer."
Hahaha, very true. I really enjoyed reading this because I've gone through similar situations. I guess often artists neglect their passions thinking that it's absence will purge them of whatever they dislike about themselves or any flaws they have. But in reality passion is the protagonist and defender against vices and without that passion we become more lost. I'm rambling, my bad.
Well done. =)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Welcome back! We all have probelms..some worse than other's. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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