My own Bully.

My own Bully.

A Poem by Sam

Dark thoughts that haunt me,
Most of the time I see no wrong in them,
The other times I feel only little confusion,
I damaned my rights to be heard,
Yet the only ones plausible to hear me,ignore me,
Many sadistic thoughts conjure in me,
Trying to, not again, see no wrong in them,
The ones that raise me have become outside on what I call my comfort zone,
Sometimes wondering if my theories are right,
Theories that tell of their use to me,
To blame them of slowing me down,
To blame them of my faults,
They make me sometimes wonder if they have the capacity of a retard,
I ask god why I was born under their care,
For they clearly have no ability to sustain one's moral value,
Could I be wrong in my said "emo" tale,


I want power,
To slit the throats of the ones that teased me,
Calling the creator of my tormentor the f**k-face he is,
Tears that drip down my face,
Stomping my foot down, over and over again,
Balling my eyes out,
Like the child I sadly always been.... What Can I do about it,
I can't do nothing,
I'm weak, thats what I am and damn well know it to be true........... Is that it for me,
I look at the people that make fun of me,
What the hell is their problem?
Why the F**k do they exist... Why!!! Can you tell me...

Someone I knew once told me I'm just thinking to much,
No I'm not,
How could that be true,
I'm right and I'm always right,
People are sick,
They sicken me and why in the hell am I one of them,
What did I do wrong,
I just want everything right in my life,
It's not fair.
It really isn't fair.....

© 2012 Sam

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Added on June 18, 2012
Last Updated on June 18, 2012
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