this story is about the way environmental organisations work and the blind approach of todays teens towards society


The students thought I was mad or something similar when I was looking for the plants, but I really had no clue of how the plants vanished abruptly. Just then the head master of the ZPHS School approached me. Though he was a few feet away he appeared closer. People with huge bellies appear closer than they actually are.

“Hey Uday, I was looking forward to call you. You said that you would mail me the photos.” He said. The other week we conducted GO GREEN, an environmental awareness program on behalf of our organization NATURE’S SAKE, headed by me. And he was referring to the photos taken that day.

“The photos are there. But where are the plants? We actually planted them right beside your office and the ground adjoining class rooms.”

The expression on his face altered with my inquisition. It was occupied by some sort of sorrow.

“Look Uday, you need to be strong enough my boy. You now these kids, they are very annoying at times. The other day two boys of second standard rolled over them while quarreling with each other. I really felt bad and couldn’t eat anything that day.”

He somehow managed to shed one drop of tear from the right eye and a half drop from the left eye along with a mourning expression all over the face.

It was nothing new to me. The same was the situation with THE GREEN WOOD and THE LITTLE ANGELS Schools.


So this was it. I wanted to end it up here. I headed straight to my office to make the announcement. Office! Initially it sounded great. Setting up a work place to discuss the organization’s activities was really exciting. My office was a small room in my friend’s house with not more than a small table and a couple of chairs.

May be today is going to be rather exciting. All the team members were informed to gather at the office.

“Bro, I have an awesome idea”, Avin jumped over me as soon as I entered in. Avin was my junior who always tortured me with his ‘awesome’ ideas. He had an exceptional personality and it took me pretty amount of time to digest the fact that he was my junior.

“Avin, I always say you something.”

“Oh yeah. I should first relax, take two deep breaths and then speak. But bro, I have done it before you came in. Now listen how would it be if we gather around hundred people and go on a rally howling ‘go green’ holding the candles?”

“They will blow away.”

“Minds?” he asked.

“No. The candles”, I replied.

“Ok. Now listen I have got a rather important announcement to make to you. Will you please pay attention?” I told them.

There were about ten members in the room. All of them were my juniors and they obeyed me.

“Look I didn’t expect this day would come. I am sorry to say that NATURE’S SAKE is going to shut down.”

I literally ran out of the room before any one raised an objection.


“You are all going to die. Better leave this place”, Danny Barrings, my favorite actor was reciting his dialogue from the movie Haunted house-6, looking at me. Why should he look at me?

I thought of a better place than this screwed up earth. I couldn’t find any.

I turned the TV off to open the official NS page on facebook. The cover picture consisted of Chandu, Preethy, Rajeev and me. All of us were beaming happily. Preethy was holding a South-Indian Uvaria. Some extra editing was done to make the plant look greener.

I looked at Preethy and she looked gorgeous. A woman is the real catalyst in any story. She accelerates it to a great extent.

I remember the day I interviewed her.


   “So Preethy, how do you like the nature?” I asked her. Chandu was along with me as a company. But I asked most of the questions.

“I like the nature because it is green. Green is my favorite color. Green is my favorite color because it looks natural.” She was jumping off her chair as she was speaking and she was chirpy.

Chandu chose to ask her the next question.

“What have you done so far in order to promote green?”

“Well, I played Farm Ville on facebook.”

“That sounds crazy, Preethy. Anyways we will let you know if you are in.” I said and she left.

I looked at Chandu. Chandu and I together started the organization. It was my idea to select him as he had lot of contacts outside and a good social circle. It was because of him that we managed to get permissions for our events so easily. But now he looked different. His eyes were gleaming.

“You know what Uday, besides the fact that she is in, I want to say you that I am in love with her.”

Now that was quite a news. I couldn’t guess the pros and cons of the situation. So I stayed silent.


  Another important member of NS was Rajeev. It was the photos he clicked that I saw more than him. In fact his photography career started with NS. People started liking his photography page on facebook and it kept growing.

 But everything goes wrong some day or the other. I had to hear from Rajeev that he is going to quit NS. I checked his official page on facebook. It reached 10K likes just the day before. 10K is really a good number!

Initially I had to struggle for photographers but things got better later on. We were able to manage it with other aspiring photographers of NS.

Meanwhile Chandu was getting closer to Preethy. On my behalf I always put them in the same team and that was the only way I could extract the maximum efficiency out of him.

 Then one day when all the planets were aligned in the ugliest way, Chandu proposed Preethy and she rejected.

“I didn’t see you that way”, she said to him.

“I didn’t expect that you would reply this way”, he said to her.

“F*** off. Let us get parted in our own way”, they both said to each other.

Can anything worst happen than this? Yes it can, if Preethy proposes me. Unfortunately she had seen me that way! Malnutrition is better than starving to death, I guess!!

    ** ********************************

I kept looking at the pictures. They were too many. Why the hell did we click too many pictures? I started getting tired.

One picture showed Chandu and Preethy giggling awkwardly holding a plant. Chandu was literally crushing the plant to convey his crush. Something I hadn’t noticed before was a bunch of children at the corner of the picture. They were staring at my car.

Some pictures had my juniors working seriously initially. In the later pictures they too turned naughty playing with mud and all that.

I always wondered what my juniors thought of me. Leader, loser or a mere idiot?

And now I wonder whom I anticipate out of me!


The other day I woke up early in the morning and informed all my team mates to gather at the office. Besides coffee and shower I also had some hope. We need to survive anyways!

I avoided my car and used public transport instead to get to the office. Things had to change.

As usually Avin jumped over me with an awesome idea.

“Bro, where is your car?” he asked me.

“I am not gonna use it, for NATURE’S SAKE!”

“Wow! So are we going to continue? In that case I have an awesome idea”.

 He was very desperate.

“Oh really? I will be pleased to hear that but only after I give a small announcement.”

“OK bro, meanwhile I will take two deep breaths” he obeyed me.

I turned to all my juniors and said, “No matter who ever quits, NS is gonna continue”

All that we needed was a little inspiration.

I made the announcement finally. This time I didn’t run away!




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I like how you introduce the various characters, with anecdotes that highlight the key aspects of their personality. I also like how you teach the reader and tell a story all at once.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thank you for the review....
You do have a way with words. The way you use the word, say - “Avin, I always say you something.” - and - "I want to say you that I am in love with her.” I'm not sure that you're leaving words out but this line confused me - Chandu proposed Preethy and she rejected. I guess I expected the word "to" in there. Chandu proposed to Preethy ??? At one point in the read, I got tripped up a little.

If this line is the inspitation - "As usually Avin jumped over me with an awesome idea." it should have been explained. I think I missed the inspiration. Regardless, I looked foreward to hearing Avin's awesome idea.- "May be today is going to be rather exciting." - Maybe today" or "It may be that today" The ending is positive. That's good. It allows a follow-up. All-in-all, good job.... PS...I'm not a critic so ....

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for such a detailed study...This review will really help me a lot....I will look at the whole.. read more
that was good, no. way better! i can see you tried your best to make this writing somewhat educational (ended up with restart, hope, courage and value) and enjoyable (avin's appearance and gags in between). and best of all the NARRATOR, the way you shared everything, expresses who you are. ease and entertained but the struggle and the work, that wiliness to keep things up, care for nature...and the human nature... inspirations. that was really impressive and motivational. but the first para and the rest of the store, linked but seems like two different dimensions... anyway what you've been tried to express,, worked.
keep writing and share.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Laminators Dubai

9 Years Ago

and i kept my promise. Okay! :)

9 Years Ago

Yeah, I struggled initially in the first paragraph. It is a regular problem that I face....
An.. read more
A very written story. I like the way you led the reader into the story and the situation. I like the conversations and the strong endings. Life is sad. Most people are blinded to the beauty of nature till it is gone. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thank you Coyote....One of my well wisher, said that this story lacks a good conflict and strong cha.. read more
Like the momentum of the story.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks for stopping by Praveetha....
the flow of the story attracted me , besides it has a connective plot, well done

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

thanks a lot sir....i am a lot inspired by this....
I love the language you use for the characters to show how they feel.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

thanks sweet of you

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