Hell......my child.

Hell......my child.

A Chapter by satanic666

Chapter 2   

Hell......my child.      




                   Gabriel's life flashed before his eyes as his life and soul left his body immedietly to be taken by the beast himself.  Every bad thing Gabriel had done was made exceptionally apparent to him, but yet it didnt seem bad.  All he saw was veiwed in a different light for what he had done wrong was only forbidden through the christian's way of life.  The murders he commited no longer seemed like a heinous crime but an act of pure justice ,thus, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.  They may have killed destiny but he killed them!  Gabriel was confused by the way his soul was perceiving things; his mind was saying it was all wrong but his soul spoke the truth!  Finallly Gabriel awoke into a palace of great magnitude and eloquence, as he was coming to he noticed the area around him and was perplexed as to where he was,but the first thing he heard was "to answer your question, this is Hell.....my child".       


                  Gabriel leaped to his feet at the sight aghast at what he was seeing , not to mention what he was hearing!  "what'd you expect you killed three people, I think thats enough to say you belong here." Said the beautiful dark figure. "Holy s**t!" exclaimed Gabriel.  It was Lucifer, the Beast himself!  If Gabriel could have died again he would've.  "Lets skip the formalities son by the looks on your face you know who i am.  yet its not who i am thats important its who you are, who you REALLY are.  you are a man with great conviction in what you beleive, Yet you have never known what you truly want in life or what you truly beleive."  Gabriel thought about what the beast said and deep down he knew it to be true even though he didnt want to beleive it.  The thing of it was Gabriel was always miserable doing things like the bible said to do.  He was always trying to follow the commandments and the ideal way of life but it was immpossible!  When he did something bad he always had to run down to the church and beg for forgiveness lest he burn in the eternal fires of hell, which to mention right know he was fine and he wasnt burning either.  The only thing Gabriel supposedly did wrong was do what he desired and that in of itself wasnt a such bad thing.    


                 "For starters lets begin with rebuilding your mind.  What you knew and thought in your previous life is now irrelavent in this life.  You always wanted to do great things and live a fullfilled and happy life without guilt or regret and let me tell you this is the place to do it!" said Lucifer.  "Where do i begin?" said Gabriel.  "First you will have a 5 stage test to get your mind and soul conditioned.  You will focus on strength, self fullfillment, Self reliance, Knowlege and last but not least Overall Perfection!  Also you will learn much from daily life here and how to truly live.  I have given you a great honor by giving you a room here at my palace for i see great potential in you and i intend to see the end result!"  Gabriel was astounded this was far from anything he had ever imagined and the beast himself was treating him like a son which technically he wasnt.  He was already happier than he was in his past entire life!  This was his chance to start anew.  "Thank you, you wont be dissapointed" said Gabriel, and neither would Gabriel  be either.    



© 2008 satanic666

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So far, so good. I only like the fantasy side of heaven and hell, in retrospect I can't stand ether. I love the Prophicy Movies. I like were you are taking the story, you add valid points strongly, and from what I last read, the story connects. Well done.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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hatteras, NC

my name is jordan clarke and im a 17 year old devout satanist that has given up on love. mostly i write about love that was lost and will never be found again and i write for those that have been wro.. more..


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