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                      All im seem to see around me lately is a bunch of losers.  They are always complaining and bitching how its too much work and how tired they are.  No one wants too work and yet they want their life handed to them on a silver platter.  Reality check thats not going to happen here or anywhere unless daddys aa rich man who spoon feeds you your whole damn life!  Honestly id like to see alot of these pethetic people go in the military. hah they would get manhandled!  Actually id like to see them just be able to make it in the real world so to speak!  that would be a sight.  I can say this because i work for my Life and out of personal pride and dignity.  What girl is going to want a man who is lazy and pathetic?  only one i know of and she my ex.  long story but she left me for a druggy loser.  anyway,  off that subject, I have my life planned out with plans A-Z and i dont plan on failing anytime soon.  im going to go in the air force and make something of myself. im going to work so when i get married my wife wont have to work.  i want to be able to give my wife the perfect wedding and give my kids all i never had.  I want to be able to buy them a car for their graduation gift and help give them a jumpstart in the real world.  i want the ones i care about to share in the fruits of my labor and live a great and happy life.  Dont you want to give them that to?  Dont you care about the future?  i know i do and ill find those who do and stick with them.  Ill find a woman who appreciates this truly and give her everything.  but if she truly loves me she wont take anything because all she wants is my love.  That is how life should be.  THAT is how you become a man!  That is how you live!      



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you like if you dont then you hopefully dont like it for some other reason than it offending you... lol id like for the woman to tell me if im right about this beinga desirable trait in a man.

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Forgotten words, no one knows how to live a classic life anymore. I am so insync to this thought. I work hard, although I started working right after I turned 21, I was taking care of my Grandmother until I decided to leave my Aunts house and find a job. I would love the classic family of my own, but because of being raised the way I do I am not sure how to handle closness. I tried, but I failed at that twice. I am a broken man that still clings on the idea's of a gentleman. I am glad to see another gentleman out there.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is a great way to see things in life. You know, that's exactly why I want to enlist in the National Guard. I want to get a start on my life. I had to drop out to help my mom but I went back and got my GED. I'm attempting to make a life for myself. I think having an experience, such as the military, would open people's eyes to the real world. It's good to see that you've made this decision and I wish you much luck on your journey through life. Just try not to kill a Drill Sgt along the way. =]

Posted 14 Years Ago

Yup, I like this. True. The teenagers today haven't worked a day in their lives. Everything has been handed to them. This makes them spoiled and sour. They lack personality. I blame the parents, what have their parents taught them in life? Nothing. Good write....kind of free style, a rant. Congrats.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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hatteras, NC

my name is jordan clarke and im a 17 year old devout satanist that has given up on love. mostly i write about love that was lost and will never be found again and i write for those that have been wro.. more..


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