The Iron Tracks Of Life

The Iron Tracks Of Life

A Story by C.N.Moore

With every iron track we pass destination only hastens its inevitable shipment, what once seemed so very far away is all but a light at the end of a not so long tunnel awaiting our bright red box car’s arrival, more specifically our arrival. With every station offering you something different, a new walk or mysterious path, how do you know which stop is for you, and which you should speed by never looking back at? Are we able to miss out on something, I mean truly miss it, with only ever having a blurred vision as we pass by? As we make our scheduled, as well as unscheduled stops, we take in all we can, learning absorbing and creating memories that will ride with us to the tunnels end, gathering our experiences with us and boarding our red box car on to the next stop. Each ride is a reflection of the last stations wonders, revelations and relationships, good times and bad. Is it too late to go back once you’ve passed a station, knowing only moments after speeding by all it has to offer, that this was a stop that was meant for you? What of the experiences we took part of, but had to leave behind, those we could not board and are left with a mere memory when our very soul craves the actual experience to be with us. At what point is one forced to tuck and roll from the speeding red box car, leaping from what you know to gather the experience you left behind. Do you grab it and hope you can catch up to your familiar red box car, or do you wait for the next set and claim a new bright red one creating a brand new trunk of experiences with the one you could not leave behind? Whichever it may be, whatever path you might choose the ride slows for no soul, if you are unable to make a choice it will be made for you, and the red box car you end up on may not be what you wanted. Our final ride through the tunnel, prepared or not, is a bit darker and slower giving us the time to reflect entirely on our faded red box car called life, allowing us to take it all in, the experiences we’ve kept, those we let off at various stops, the ones we wished had gone different and those we regret for having not.

© 2011 C.N.Moore

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What a perfect metaphor for life experiences. It left me feeling melancholy. I feel something in your writing that reaches my spirit. This one goes to my library, and I look forward to reading the rest of your work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I enjoyed these reflections. I have never been quite sure whether our fate is truly chosen or simply predestined. Your work was a comfortable length, thought provoking and challenging. Thankyou S.C.H.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 26, 2011
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