Live Today For Tomorrow

Live Today For Tomorrow

A Story by C.N.Moore

A Poetic Story


I’ll never forget the day I saw you first, the sun shined so bright it could burst! Its beams of light pierced right through the sky, tempting its touch and daring us to try. The water stood still not a ripple or wave, the day was so beautiful the kind you want to save. No sooner had I thought this day could be no better, had you walked by with a hint of Lavender. Just as you passed I jump from my seat, call if fate but your book mark landed at my feet. “Miss.. excuse me you dropped this just back there!” (Really, ‘Miss?’) I muttered to the air. I’ll never forget your most beautiful eyes, the greens grays and hazel all fighting for light. Accompanied by a smile so pure and so true, with cheek bones the gods wouldn’t even know what to do. Slowly you turned and softly you said, “Thank you so much! I would lose my mind if it were not so crazily packed into my head!” I’ve never given the saying “Love At First Sight” much thought, but meeting you that day that phenomena I was taught.

Fast Forward some time later and we’re out for the 4th time in a week, the minutes I’m away from you my heart and soul feel weak. This connection we feel so instant so deep, yet I cannot shake this feeling that brings me to weep. Call it a sixth sense, a third-eye intuition, to figure this out is now my own personal mission. The weeks turn to months, and quickly a year, “Sweetie, we need to talk” brought to life all my fears. She’s over me I know it, it was too good to be true, I love her so much, without her what will I do? I remember you looked me dead in the eyes, no sooner had your mouth opened did you begin to cry. “Honey what is it, it can’t be that bad!” I didn’t believe myself, I wish that I had. Slowly you wiped away the flowing tears, “You’ve given me the best life this past year.” Confused I looked deeper into your soul, but your words I.. I just don’t know..”Honey we have so much more to do, I have so much more to experience with you!.”

You shook your head, slowly but stern, “I’m afraid this must end, there’s something I’ve learned… I’ve been diagnosed I have 12 months at most, it would be torture for me to put you through the worst..” I interrupted and said “No this cannot be true” you said “Let me finish, its something I must do.” “The doctors said treatment stands no real chance, to enjoy my last year give my affairs a good last glance, they say it won’t hurt just one day I’ll sleep, my body won’t wake and the earth it will keep. I cannot put you through this life of pain, so I’m ending it now I’m cutting the vein.” Now the tears were running so fluid so free, how could you think of even doing this to me? “No I cannot accept what it is you say, I love you more now and it grows stronger each day, 12 months at most is 12 months of life, when you lay down the last time you’ll lay down my wife.. I will spend each day topping the last, blurring the hardships of your past. Grant me this one favor I must do, my friend, my partner I truly love you.”

As time went on I kept true to my word, I gave you the sky the oceans, the world. I did all that I could to keep a smile on that face, I hope I did good, and you were smiling when you left this place. Each day I treated as it would be your last, you’re memory is my future, my present my past. If one thing I took away from our time, was the thought of living life in dotted lines, never so close minded to ignore, the smallest details or adventures anymore. Even if I know the outcome of my choice, in the back of my mind I hear your soft voice. “Just because the end won’t be the best, doesn’t mean the good won’t out weigh the rest, you choose your paths built on this faith, even knowing these things you can escape…”

© 2011 C.N.Moore

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All those hue's fighting for the light, she sounds gorgeous. It turned into "A walk to Remember" in poetic form...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 12, 2011
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Las Vegas, NV

Art is creation - you can not create without destruction. Never be afraid to destroy the fibers of existence inside your mind, paying close attention to how everything works, and when it comes time t.. more..