When I'm Gone

When I'm Gone

A Poem by SPF

When my final breath is taken
When my days on earth are done
When my best friend’s world is shaken
When the battle has been won
When my body’s cold and dead
When I’m buried in the ground
When they wish it was them instead
When I’m no longer around
When my body is an empty shell
My smile just a memory
Will anyone be able to tell
That my best friend is in misery?
Will he act ok and say he’s fine and never shed a tear?
Will he get down on his knees and cry and wish that I was here?
Will he forget our stories, my laugh, my soul, my secrets, and my pride?
Will he treasure those memories, hold them close, and lock them away inside?
Will he find a new best friend and one day forget I was ever here?
Will he every night say a prayer to God to let me know he cares?
Will he forget my wishes and tell others that he never loved me anyway?
Will he visit my grave just to talk a while each and everyday?
Will he shove my memory away and never think about me twice?
Will he live out all my plans and dreams the best he can suffice?
Will he turn to bad habits? Try to drink away his pain?
Will he stand with the family at my funeral? Which my will makes very plain.
Will he forget I love him most of all and continue with his life?
Will he chuckle at the fact I dreamt of one day being his wife?
Will he read my precious diary that will be given to him then?
Will he cherish his only memories as much as I cherished him?
Will he cry and sob and become depressed and say that he’s alone?
Or will he know how much I love him and know I’m with him,
When I’m gone?

© 2013 SPF

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Added on April 11, 2013
Last Updated on April 11, 2013
Tags: death, best, friend, dying, rememberence, love, friendship



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