The Proposal

The Proposal

A Story by ~S.S.A.F.

 I stepped in the kitchen to make my breakfast. I stopped, I see tiger, our houses hold cat playing with a spoon. As I looked at him I was thinking how cute he is. Gray far with a white belly. It was so cute. To think he was born two month’s ago. I went to the cubert to get bagel’s when I hear the doorbell ring. Thinking it was mom I ran to the door. Only to find Jason, my brother at the door. “Yes?” he smiles. “Can I have some of tigers cat toys?” “Why?” “It’s for a stray cat I found!” Shocked at my brothers answer I gave him three of tigers toys. A red mouse with blue eye’s, a jumping frog and a singing bird.

I chuckled to myself. “What a crazy brother I have.” As I moved my eyes from my running brother, I saw Lucy my best friend waving at me. I smiled and waved back. Lucy may be my best friend but sometimes she has to know things that don’t concern her. That may be good when it comes to meeting people, but most of the time she gets into trouble. She always expects me to get her out of them its annoying. In this old town, curiosity is hated, but I don’t know why. I closed the door as she walked in her house. I started to butter my bagel when the doorbell started to ring again. Thinking Jason was back and wanted something else I open the door.

To my surprise it was Jake, my boyfriend, with a big diamond ring and the most beautiful and perfect bucket of red rouses with a single orchid in the middle. He looked at me with the cutest face in the universe. He slowly moved his lips.

“ I love you…”

“It’s been two years since we first meet. It’s been a year and three months since our first date…”

“Will you…. Will you marry me?”

The pleading look on his face, the sudden joy the question brought to me. I started to cry. Jake looked at me startled. His blue-green eyes looked worried. “Did I…do something…wrong?

I jumped on him. “Yes!” Who would have thought that a simple word like yes would open so many doors of opportunity. The joy I felt as I said it the one simple word, yes. He smiled his gorges smile. His white teeth showing themselves. He came closer to me, slowly and gently raping his arm’s around me. Pulling me closer and closer as he hugged me.

He gently leads my face to a kiss. The softness of his lips as we kissed was unreal. I felt the world stop as we stud there, lips locked. I never wanted this moment to end. As our kiss slowly came to an end he looked at me with a smile. Then spoke. “I will always be there, to wipe your tears away. To hold and protect you. To love and care. To love you like no other. To help you everywhere.”

© 2016 ~S.S.A.F.

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Added on April 27, 2016
Last Updated on April 27, 2016




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