A Story by STORMKING4000

A peaceful night out turns nightmarish when a bounty hunter encounters two supernatural beings of incredible power,when he decides to investigate a strange scene while above the roof top of a building.


I can't believe that I'm here.I'm inside a night club called "The Pit".I'm surrounded by an orgy of bodies moving to the beat of the mind numbing music.The music is so loud that I think that I heard a couple of eardrums explode.I can smell the sweat,alcohol and the strong scent of the intimate encounters all around me.Why did I even come here?I ask myself.That's when I see her.The woman I followed straight into this club.Before I came to this club I was on the rooftop of a business building.I figured I'd just wait there intill something interesting happened.That's when I noticed out of the corner of my eyes a lady in black leap off a buildings roof across the street from the one I stood on.It had to be a 50ft drop.I thought that she was a crazy lunatic commiting suicide.Would'nt be the first time someone ended their life from a drop off a buildings rooftop.To my surprise this lady landed gracefully on her feet,without breaking any bones in her body.What manner of creature was this woman?Demon,Demi-god or some other entity all together?My curiosity was peaked.I stood on the egde of the roof watching her walk briskly away.Then I let myself fall off the ledge.It had to be about a 100ft drop.This was nothing to me.My feet hit the pavement with the force of a sledgehammer.Bit's of concrete break loose underneath my boots as I move to follow my target.I was careful to keep my distance from her.She entered The Pit and I followed her inside.It wasn't easy finding this women in the club through the throngs of bodies in the place.I was determined to find her but it seemed almost impossible.So many scents and the music.What these people considered music just sounded so primitive.When I spotted the woman through the crowd her eyes briefly locked onto mine then a man grabbed her from behind in an intimate embrace.She did not fight this stranger off.Turning away from me she and the man started moving into the back.I pushed my way through the bodies hoping to catch up to them.There was no way I was going to lose her now.When I reached the back a stone faced bouncer stood in front of a door to an office.Which I immediatly knew had to be where the two went.The bouncer eyed me with suspicion.I backed away weighing my options.I really was not in the mood to be patient.I suddenly realized a scent that I had somehow missed from this place.Death.It was the scent of the undead.Now a new scent lingered in the air.Blood.The strong scent of fresh blood and it was coming from the office behind the bouncer.I reacted with the speed of a piston.I kicked the bouncer on the jaw with a head jarring kick.He went crashing right through the solid oak door.Splintered wood flew into the room.I leaped over his body into the room,my black trench coat billowing behind me.The room was empty but a back door was left open.I ran outside and came face to face with the women.She stood on a fire escape ladder smiling at me.There was a faint trace of blood on the corner of her lip.I pulled out my king sized slayer.That is what I called my high tech gun.This one was specially designed by me.Perfect for blowing demonic creatures up."It seems that I have a stalker."The woman said in a seductive manner.She was beautiful there was no denying that fact.If I were a mere man I would probably be easily seduced by her.I wasn't.I was far from normal."Where is he?" I said in a calmed manner.She playfully played with her hair."If I don't tell you you're going to shoot me?Am I suppose to be afraid of your toy mortal?"She gave me a cold stare.The illusion was gone.She allowed me to see her ugly face.Her true face."Maybe if you tell me where you put him I'll spare your life."I told her.That was a lie."Spare my life?Hah!But since you want to know what happened to the worm why don't you look up."She moved up the ladder trying to get to the roof.I fired off a round at her which she easily dodged.I was about to chase her when it hit me that I wasn't alone.A huge weight crashed onto my back.My gun skidded across the ground.I turned around only to be punched across the face.I slammed into the side of the building.Bricks and other small debris fell on top of me.Didn't even feel the punch.That was one things about me that seperated me from every other man.I can't feel pain.Always been that way.Even as an infant.I don't know if it's a gift or a curse.Right now I'm greatful for being this way.Looking up I could see a massive form moving towards me.I stand up and face the man I saw earlier in the club with the woman now a hybrid vampire.A super vampire.He runs at me fist raised,ready to pound me.I block the blow as he brings his fist down and I deliver a counter punch.This sends him sprawling backwards but does not slow him down.He quickly recovers.I try to grab my gun but he tackles me again into the building again.As I look up the vampire rips the fire escape steel ladder loose.He tries to bring the thing down on my head.I quickly dodge to the side as the ladder crashes with a thunderous force shattering more brick loose from the building.I catch him across the chest with a hard round house kick.It opens up the chance for me to end this battle now.I reach for my gun and in the same motion fire towards the vampire.He deflects the blast with the steel ladder.Now I'm dodging the shot that is deflected back at me.Bricks are flying behind me as the wall explodes.Before I can take another shot I feel a strong hand grip my left arm.I see the woman right next to me holding my arm.She has a grim look on her face."Tonight I will spare your life but the next time I will not be so gracious."She tells me before releasing my arm.I forget about the other vampire which cost me the battle.When I turn back around the steel ladder is slammed into my chest and I am sent right into the brick building.I black out.I don't know for how long.I'm on my back covered in tons debris.Pushing them off of me is more of a nuisance than a chore.It is still night.Probably 3am in the morning.I check my gun.It's totaled.No big loss for me.I can build a new version of the slayer.Stronger and better than this one.I walk the streets thinking about the woman and her vampire companion.Both of them are vampires.I think about getting back at them.Sooner or later they will cross my path and when they do I will be ready.They are going to suffer big time.Damn.My trench coat is still covered with debris.Got to get it cleaned.Tonight two got away but that will never happen again.I've got their number.A light cool breeze blows across my face and I smile. 

© 2008 STORMKING4000

Author's Note

So what do you think of the story? It's based on my comic book creation.

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Added on September 21, 2008
Last Updated on September 21, 2008