Immortal part 2

Immortal part 2

A Story by STORMKING4000

This is the tale of young superhuman teenager who tries to find his place in the world after he graduates from highschool.He then meets a stranger on a cold night out who gives him an offer that he can't refuse as a demon hunting bounty hunter.


Friday I'm wearing my black cap and gown.I take off the cap.The graduation ceremony is proceeding.I just want to get out of the building.The speeches seem to take forever.I want to scream at the top of my lungs for them to hand us our diploma already so we can leave but I don't.Once the whole thing is over I'm holding my diploma and pictures are taken.My parents snap pictures of me.Even the goth chick get's a picture of her and me together.So many people are happy.The feeling was alien to me.I was not like them.I would never be like them.I felt so out of place among the the joyful festivities.I had to get out of here.I told my parents that I had to go to work and they did not question me.I'm sure they were a bit disappointed that I was leaving but it could not be helped.I walked away quickly towards my classic black 1969 Dodge Charger.Before getting into my car I took off the gown.I drove home and changed into my white t-shirt,black pants,boots,biker gloves and my sleek jet black trench coat.Unlocking the shed I went inside to prepare myself for the battle I'd be facing tonight.I  started putting the bullet sized chemical tablets inside the guns.The chemical that I tested on myself in the past took away my powers temperarily.I'm still working on figuring out how to create a chemical solution that can take away a super powered individual ability permanently.After loading up the guns I begin placing each gun inside a special compartment inside of my trench coat.I picked up the biggest gun and stared at it.I think I'll call this one the Slayer.The Slayer.Perfect name for a masterpiece such as this.I placed it in the lone right side in my coat.I locked up the shed before heading to my car.I headed off to the address on the card that Kaine gave me.4th on Dresdan street it said.It took me about hour to find the building.I parked my car in front of the place.I walked inside and was a bit surprised by the amount of paintings on the walls.There was a large statue of a siren in the center of the hall.A beautiful young lady who stood behind the front desk smiled gave me a warm smile.I picked up Kaines scent minus the demon blood, near by."I see that you decided to come in earlier.That's good."Kaine said walking past me toward the elevator."I want you to meet your new boss.The head honcho of this place."He said.I remained silent as the elevator went up.Kaine knew that I have a extradinary ability but he does'nt know about my other powers.I intend on keeping it that way.It's better to be safe than sorry.I wonder if he told the boss about my ability.I guess I'll find out once we meet face to face.Ding,the elevator sounded and the doors opened.We stopped in front of an oak wood door.Kaine knocked three times.I hear a faint sound of steel within the wooden door.A steel plating to be percise.Clever.The boss must not be so sure of himself if he has to go to such extremes to protect himself.

© 2008 STORMKING4000

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Added on September 27, 2008