Looking back

Looking back

A Poem by Kyle Buser

Looking back at my life I see what I've been through and become grateful for where I am.

Once darkness grew all around me.
Its paralytic embrace did surround me.
I saw its stalking shadow congeal in my brain then creep to my heart.
I began to wonder, "Am I insane? Is this just the start?"

Even the taste of food, once luscious lost its luster.
Getting out of bed oft took more strength than I could muster.
Squealing like a stuck pig, my mind whirled and whined.
Through the veil of ignorance, I grew blind and confined.

"Oh despair, despair! Go f**k yourself!" I shouted, whilst pulling out my hair.
Then I laughed as I realized I was shouting at the air.
"Who am I even talking to?" But nobody was there.
I slowly began to see how my dream had turned nightmare.

To melt the cold darkness which enveloped the world that I saw,
It was my own frozen heart which simply must be thawed.
The shadow, 'twas none other than mine own!
Realizing this, no longer could I condone
Letting ego remain seated atop my rightful royal throne.

Seeing ego for what it is, I surround him with my vastness.
I battle back to sanity, no longer slave to the madness.
I overcome myself, and like a phoenix from its ashes,
Arise anew each moment, no longer born of sadness.

© 2011 Kyle Buser

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I agree this is moving as well as deep.
very emotional read, very well expressed.
You did an amazing write....

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very moving & inspirational Kyle!
I really enjoyed this one....it flowed so smoothly & you pointed out every aspect of your journey so immensely!
Kudos to you Kyle! :) Always continue to be grateful for where & who you are!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Simply incredible. My heart felt such an immense hollow ache and was grateful for hope at the end.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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a few things here... first of all i d get rid of the word WHILST ... it doesnt have any place in this poem ! you dont need to use words just to sound poetic ... i think 'while' would sound perfect here. i say this because its more of a modern poem. if you stick whilst in there, yah ... just dont do it lol
other than that i would say becareful of an aabb rhyme scheme because if you rhyme that way, just by the nature of the scheme its really hard not to have the rhymes not sound forced. also 2nd to last stanza you broke away from the structure using 5 lines instead of 4. ok thats my constructive criticism part
as far as the content i think you did a great job, and i can see you improving a lot as a writer the more you write, so never stop sharing
great job man

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 12, 2011
Last Updated on May 13, 2011
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