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An unexpected encounter

‎I was being chased by a hidious monster when my mom woke me up. My dreams, if I could call them that are getting worse by the day. I slept late the night before, after unpacking the final load of stuff we carried to our new home. It was a tough job, especially when you have a wardrobe the size of a truck like me. I don't think my mom slept at all last night as she was working even after I went to bed. Her eyes were tired and needed rest- I thiught. It must  be hard for her to move into her ex-husband's house after so many years- especially due to the fact that he died a few years ago, for reasons I am not permitted to know.
  "So you're finally awake! I need help with the book shelf dear, it is falling apart again." she said. I got out lazily from the bed and fixed my hair. 'This is going to be one long day' I thought. I wasn't so happy about the moving thing- Its not like we moved here out of interest- my mom had to pay a whole lot on my brother's college and so she sold our house. But this house in which my dad spent his entire life in was vacant as no one wanted to live here. So we moved here. I had a lot of friends at the old place, but I have always wanted to come here- to see where the man I'd never seen before(except when I admire his smile in photographs) had lived his solitary life. I also wanted to know why mom divorced him. But she would always say that I'm too young to know stuff, and that someday she'll tell me.
 I looked out the window about two hours later- it was the middle of winter and was raining again. I hated the rain- everyone tells me its stupid but I see rain as the tears of the sky. I can never enjoy anyone's tears- ever. The roads were wet, and colourful umbrellas filled the streets. Across the street was a tiny park, with a little pond in it. My mom came up behind me and said, "Your dad said he used to play in the park when he was younger" and smiled. There was something wrong with her today- and I needed to know what. So I asked her "Is something wrong mom?" and she shook her head. I wasn't giving up. "What is it mom tell me" I pleaded like a child.
  She kept staring at the park for a while and a few minutes later said, "Its no big deal I'm just seeing stuff" she said but noticing that I was serious, continued "Last night I woke up in the middle of my sleep and I was just waitng to fall asleep again when I saw... a yellow figure get up from under my bed and walk out of the room. I was sure that I was awake, I am sure,yes,sure-" she was saying when I intruded "You might be seeing things" even though I was scared to death inside! She asked me not to bother myself with it and left- left me staring at the empty park and with not a clue of what the yellow thing might be.
  I was scared the rest of the day- I kept following my mom around and before I noticed it, it was almost ten at night. My mom tugged me into my bed and kissed me good night. Little did she know how fast my heart was beating. I smiled at her and closed my eyes. I lay awake for about an hour and realised I wasn't going to get much sleep that night. I turned and looked at the picture of my dad at the night stand. I picked it up and started to admire his smile again- so carefree, so young, so loving. If only I could have seen that smile- but I don't remember seeing it. I only remember his sad face looking at me one last time when I was five- he said something to me that I can't remember. Tears- I was crying- I always cried when I thought about him. I suddenly dropped the photo. Stupid me! I tried to pick it up but was not able to find it. So I got down from bed and searched the floor- where is it? I looked under the ground and felt like I suddenly fell into the deepest hole ever when I saw that... or those....
  There were two of them- a girl and a little boy was all that came to my mind.... There were yellow... and their eyes were so dark and sadness drooled from them...they were holding the photo in their hands and looking at me... I knew I was supposed to scream but wasn't able to move even a muscle of my body. After a few seconds, they dropped it and tilted their heads towards right and said something to each other- I wasn't able to make that out. The girl spirit held her pale glowing hand out to me and placed it on mine. I was now able to hear what they were saying "Go find... it in the clos..set upstairs" and they got up and left the room. I was sweating... bad. I was dumb struck and baffled.
  All I remember after that is falling unconciously asleep. I woke up at six in the morning. 'Mom should still be asleep' I thought and sneaked upstairs. My mom would kill me if she knew what I was doing- but I needed to know what the spirits said. I found the closet at the corner. I opened it slowly with my trembling hands and all I saw was dust, and my hand touched what I made out as a book- A very large one too.
  I carefully blew on it and wiped the dust- and took it downstairs to my room. I opened it after asking myself a lot of questions like 'What the hell are you doing Jessica?' and the first page contained the name of my dad written in an old, faded ink. 'Timothy Shield' it said. I turned a few pages and realised that that book must have been his diary. But I didn't realise that what I was going to read now was going to reveal to me everything about my dad:
 "Dear God, why are you doing this to me? First you make me see spirits of long forgotten souls and now you turn me into a mad man and make my wife divorce me? All I wanted was to know what ever became to a soul after it died ...know the.....truth..." The ink was faded. So that was why my mom divorced him? He suffered from madness? And he wanted to know what?
 I turned yet a few more pages and saw: "Spirits are bound unconditionally to the place they lived. When new people come there, they shy away and try and hide in dark parts, especially under the beds where it is always dark. They won't hurt you. They won't eat you. All they want is for you to find them a better living place or accept that they're there."
  That was all I needed to know. I wanted to replace the book.  So I went upstairs again. I was more terrified than ever. I placed it back in the closet and turned around to see- the smile that I adored so much all these years and the handsome face that owned it- all clad in yellow.... The next moment it disappeared. But I knew where to find him- under my bed ofcourse!!!

© 2010 ScarlettTheDreamer

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Good finishing and interesting!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 26, 2010
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Hi! I am a crazy dreamer. I write simply because I love it. I believe that there's really no meaning to life, and its stupid to go about finding one. One day you're here, one day you're gone. One day .. more..