A pen and A page

A pen and A page

A Poem by Maan

I wished to write something new and something unique but words never came.

I used to look for pen to write with
a page to write on
a thought to convey
a perfect message to deliver
a perfect story to tell
a beautiful poem to say.

I used to look good people to meet,
a friendly hand to shake,
a sober smile to pass,
a caged soul to free,
a naughty act to do,
and a person to hold.

I have got a broken pen to write with
a dirty page to write on
rotten thoughts to convey
a disgraced message to deliver
dark stories to tell
and funny poems to say

I have good people to meet,
friendly hands to shake,
a fake smile to to pass,
a caged soul to free,
naughty acts to do,
and a person to sell

I found everything
but I didn't realized the cost of that
I have life to live
but lost the right for that
I made many friends
but didn't buy the trust
I made enemies on the way
but they betrayed the hatred

It was more tragic than it seem
I just wanted to live
I just needed to breath
I just wanted a pen and a page   

© 2012 Maan

Author's Note

I wanted to be different, wanted to be extraordinary. I didn't had the perfect beginnings but I was up for a better journey and an outstanding ending but I couldn't make it and the results came so early in the journey. I don't know if I want to stay here in the middle of the sea and cry about what has happened or go back to beginning and start again. . ah let me know about the poem. :|

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We all want to be different and in doing so, we end up being the same sometimes. We all have the same deep rooted wants and needs, you wrote it so eloquently, your words leap off the page at me....I love the repetition of the pen and the page. We as poets pour our hearts and soul out to be free and share a part of ourselves with others so we might be heard and/or understood. Wonderful breath of self truths and honesty. You are 'extraordinary' in this write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I loved the contrast. Very thoughtful and beautifully written. I liked it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

marvelous piece,
after all a great poet needs only a page and a pen, and then the journey begins when it drips from your mind to the page or through your fingertips.
I loved this piece....
keep it up.

Posted 4 Years Ago

this is really good !!!!! such an interesting thought !!!! really a good writer only needs a pen and a pages and then let it all drip through it !!!!! nice work keep it up !!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

really enjoyed reading it.......................it's fantastic

Posted 4 Years Ago

Often times, we must sacrifice friendships for our passion. Even writing. It's okay to be different and want to achieve something great. Who cares if others don't like it? if they don't support what you love, then why bother with having them around? All they will do is bring you down. No writer needs that. Like my brother told me awhile back: "You need to be friends with those you have things in common with." No poem is perfect the first time, nor is the beginning or end. We write, then go back and revise until we feel it is just how we want it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

somehow we all need to change, but we can't all seem to rearrange, the person that we've each become, the inner war has thus begun. i wrote that, yeah lol

Posted 7 Years Ago

What a beautiful piece of writing :) I simply loved your style of writing... its easy going yet captivating!

Posted 7 Years Ago

life in a nutshell...you've cracked it

Posted 7 Years Ago

This was really written from heart and I like it! But there's also many hidden story behind those verses. Truthful. Powerful. Thanks for sharing..Keep it up buddy :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

In the second stanza, did you mean I used to look for good people to meet? in the fourth stanza, you said the word to twice. Wow, other than those aforementioned spots, it was absolutely, baffingly ... well ... amazing! good job! I loved it, you are a very talented poet!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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