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Time and date of death: 24th December, 2016 3:00am 

Reason of death: Yet to be examined

I used to live in the most happening city of Pakistan, Karachi. I was 24 and it feels like I have lived countless lifetimes and it all has finally come to an end. It’s quiet and I have always loved this part of the night, I can relate to it as it has always defined me. I like to be quiet and reserved, I like being with myself, I don’t remember much as it is all fading now and I am not sure that I recognized myself anymore.  I had a loving family and I had the most amazing people as my friends and I was very lucky to have them in my life but sometimes you have everything in life but you die inside and all that is left of you is something you have stopped recognizing, you make mistakes that are not forgivable, days pass by with single thought, you talk and laugh but you are not there, you breath but you are unable to feel it.

Tragedy and loss are two little words to define the story. I wanted to tell to you my story before I died but I was barely surviving. Few weeks back, I started “soul healing” process which apparently was too late and I understood it and went back with a hope to find some redemption. Well, I am going to tell you my story now, from the most awesomely fun guy in college to how I got murdered in this unknown room 7 years later. How my life and soul turned into uncountable trashed pieces. How I killed my innocence and how I became a worse nightmare. How I descended from the top to the hell and how I managed to survive there. From the day of my birth till tonight, how life kept scrambling me around. How Love lost all meanings to me after saving me and then pushing me back to the hell. How I became an enemy to the worst kind of people possibly exist, how the life lost all its meanings on me after I learned what life is all about, from playing video games at night in my cozy bed to standing in between dead and tortured human bodies. At age of losing virginity I learned what it’s like to lose 39 of my friends in few weeks.  

On Saturday, 27 June, 1992 I was born in some part of India, a beautiful, well-educated English woman gave birth to me in the most elite hospitals of that time. How I ended up here in Karachi after 3 days of my birth, where that woman went after giving birth to me?  Who was my father? Were they too ashamed to give me their identity? It took every ounce of me to survive 24 years. Well I got all the answers I needed before I left the mortal world. What happened 7 years ago; How from a tragic start I managed to survive and breath for a while and then ending up with worse than tragedy.  

Hi! Name is or was Salman and this is the story of how I finally died.

© 2016 Maan

Author's Note

Ignore the grammar unless it's extremely disturbing. :)

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The only thing I would change is I would spell out the numbers instead of just writing them as numbers. Other than that I like it. I'm interested to read more.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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