A Turbulent Mind

A Turbulent Mind

A Poem by SamanthaSweeney

simple confusion

Are the knives ready?
My skin is pulsing and tight; 
ready for the stinging slice 
of another heartbreak,

Of another blow. 
One of that like the angel
that rested on glass...
Whose wings you ripped off - 

Leaving her mutated and bro-
ken? Knives 
wouldn't have hurt her,
like they don't hurt me.

Wound me - give me
something to focus on. 
How many times can i re-phrase
the same woes?

Step back, don't touch me.
I'm healing...the collogen
is stil forming in the gaps - 
not love.

Don't press yourself against me,
the lacerations might bleed all over you.
Space. Give me space
to push everyone away again.

Force the words you want from my lips;
imagine it all and 
tell yourself it's enough.
It's not enough. 

Because when your hands slide
around me I am invaded,
muy skin curdles as your fingers 
probe. Don't.

My heart murmurs desires weakly
as my head chokes them! 
it doesn't matter, I feel them...
see them.

When his glare shows no warmth
and his hands don't reach out - 
yet you brood over him!
Addicted - love.

I whisper promises that I'll help.
I don't want to unless I'm removing 
layers of material, barricades 
from that body in need of love. 

If I could be with you I'd have tasted 
every molecule of your lips... But 
then they would no longer exist.
Desire... Confusion... I don't know. 

© 2014 SamanthaSweeney

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love can do this to us...we just get addicted to someone, lose them and bleed for and over them...

and then we want that "space to push everyone away"--

i was at this point for many years...the pushing away of others...didn't want my heart touched...

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 24, 2014
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Glasgow, United Kingdom

English literature student at The University of Glasgow. I started writing when I was about 11-12 (well writing seriously) It's basically all poetry, can't get enough of it. I love writing so.. more..