Come out come out where ever you are

Come out come out where ever you are

A Chapter by Samo

 Chapter 3


Ember had to get out of there. She knew that the CRAC thing would kill her on the spot. She counted to three

1. Ember looked staright ahead

2. She tensed her muscles, ready for a sprint


She whipped around and ran into something hard. She fell back on her butt and looked up and the ripped out man carrying the AG56

"Hello, Ember." he siad slipping a bullet into the hole. Ember swalloed, as he pointed the gun in between her eyes.He pressed his finger down on the trigger. Oh man, this is going to hurt.

"Wait, wait , wait!" she said in a rush. He blinked, surprised. Then his expression changed to something like....amused. Ember was getting peeved.

"You don't give, a chance togivea testimony first?" Ember said, trying to come off as laid back.


"Why not?"

"It gives them time to work up a plan."

He raised the gun again. Ember looked from his eyes to the gun. He was looking directly in her eyes. She felt as if he was looking right into hersoul. Ember suddenly felt silly for thinking like a 2009.

Like a jungle cat she grabbed the tip of the gun and blocked the bullet from going in between her eyes. The metal sphere periced through her hand in white- hot -blood dripping- tounge -cutting pain. She screamed and rolled over in pain.

Cal took this moment to grab her wrist and pull her to a corner. If, he had to murder her himself he would. Afterall she had ruined his gun.

"Let go of me!" she screamed. He laughed.

"Like that would save you...your profile said you were smarter than that." She bit down on his arm, only to find that it didn't do anything.

"My flesh is-" but she cut him off. He put her into a head lock and was cutting off her air supply.

"White Titanium." she said clawing at his arm. He paused for a second and loosened his arms. Ember found a metal bar and hit him on the head....hard. Cal grabbed his head in surprising pain. Ember ran i the direction of the door and not looking back, her father told her never to look back.

The door was in plain sight and she used all those years of soccer toher advantage.She grabbed the door handle and through herself outside. It was freezing cold and snow fell down on her legs and arms.

She had to get a car. She ran to the parking garage and tried to open all the doors, but most of them were locked. Her hand was numbing and she closed her eyes and punched open a car window. That snapped the numbing into pain. She held back a scream and jumped into the car.

The second she got into the car a gun shot flew through thr car. The Project CRAC was standing there holding the side of his head.

Cal still had the deafening ringing in his right ear and it hurt like hell. He shot at the car again.

Ember dived under the car and tried to jump start it.

"Come on, Come on..." The car roared to life. She had to drive with only one hand.

She sped off and tried to silence her screaming as a bucket of pain spilled over her.




© 2009 Samo

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Added on November 22, 2009
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