A Chapter by Samo

 My black pants were sticking tightly to my skin. Cold sweat was rolling off of my skin. I wiped the gun powder on my oants and licked the dried blood off of my lips.

"Man that was easy." Zeak said. I rolled my eyes and decided that i couldn't take ignore the increasing pain in my arm and ribs. I took out a white bottle and sprayed the silver content on the long gash. I saw my skin fold over its self and seal shut. I sighed as the burning and throbbing decreased.

"She really pissed me off." i said. I twisted my sides and my ribs cracked into place. I bent back to make sure that my spine was in place.

"Yeah, sometimes i justed wondered why they just don't give up." he said smirking. I nodded, as we walked out of the alley. There was a blue lexus waiting for us on the curb. I walked to the drivers side. We got in and drove off. I pressed down hard on the gas. The other cars swept passed us, and i nearly missed hitting a red bug by and inch,

"You're going to kill us before anybody else does?" Zeak said. I rolled my eyes.

"Do you want to get to there on time?" i asked rasing my eyebrows. I pressed on the gas, still going 200. I turned down a dirl road and went straight. The dirt road turned into a metallic road that was slick and made us go faster.

"I told you not to come with me on this mission Zeak." i said.

"Yeah, you just wanted Robert to come." he muttered, sitting all the way back in his seat.

"What does Robert have to do with this?" i asked raising one eyebrow. We road faster along the metallic road. I gripped the steering wheel harder ready to make the sharp turn.

"You like him." he said smirking.

"I do-" my head snapped to the left as we made the sharp left turn. Zeak's face smashed into the window. It cracked the glass a little.

"D****t Zeak, could you be a bit more careful?" i asked annoyed. I pressed down harder on the gass. 280.

"Well, could you drive a little slower?" he said rubbing his for head. A big black building came into veiw. I slammed my foot down on the break and we came into a jerking stop.  Zeak fell out of his seat onto the floor board.

I laughed as he straighted himself. I got out of the car and walked towards the building.

"Time to clock in. Wow i'm suprised we're late...considering your driving." Zeak said.

"Please, we're not late. It's exactly 5:00."

"No it was 5:00 when we saw the building, but it was 5:01 when we got out of the car So there for, according to the Head, we're late."

"Well, thank you Mr. Precise."

The floor below us dissappered and we started to fall . We were falling for what seemed like hours, but we landed perfectly on our feet.

"Home." he said sighing. He took off his gun belt and knife belt and put it in his stoarge compartment. I hung up my jacket and took off my sweaty shirt.

"Uh-huh at ecatly 5:03, just like i planned."

© 2009 Samo

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Added on November 22, 2009
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Atlanta, GA

Name is Samo, i write, that's it :D. more..

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