He wants

He wants

A Chapter by Samo

 I was utterly annoyed with the other Opposites upstairs. When i laid down on my pillow i couldn't go to sleep becasue the ceiling was shaking.

"Room, what happened to soundproof. I need my rest before my night shift." i said around me. The walls around me flickered to life in one swift movement. The annoyed female voice filled the air around me.

"Why don't go just go join them. You know they do this everytime a mission goes as planned." she said. I rolled my eyes and looked around my room. Hmmm...alone.

I was alone.

"Fine, but i won't like it, and i want your damned sound proof to work when i come back!" i yelled over my shoulder. I heard the door slam shut. I cringed, she would probably kill me in my sleep. I got onto the elevator and pressed 67 on the ke pad. My ears popped and i popped a peice of gum in my mouth. It had no taste, the Head OPPosites took my taste buds away. I'll be damned if someone tries and prevents me from sleeping, i'll shut that damned party down before-

Music filled my ears before i could finish that thought. I turned the right side of my brain off, so that left the left side to jiggle around in my head. I pushed passed hundreds of people, some of them i shoved, others i polietly told them to move the f**k away before i make you move.

Everyone in the OPP headquarters knew me, and they knew that if i didn't get my 30 minutes of sleep i can be a b***h. I had on my If-you-touch-me-i'll-turn-your-pupils-inside-out look on my face as i made my way to the bar.

"Bloody Mary, two vodkas." i muttered.

"Whoa, rooms not sound proof?" asked the bartender sarcastically. Before i lifted my head up I pasted a fake smile on my face, the one that i had been practicing fro years. The guy rolled his eyes and grinned. He set off to making my drinks.

"Hellva night Rhone?" asked a voice behind me. I cringed at the use of my last name. The Head OPP took my last name away from me. I turned around and came face to face with Robert.

If looks could kill then Robert would be dead right now. Zeak was right i liked Robert..when he was tied  up and shut up, maybe dead if anything else.

"Whoa you look like s**t." he said, with the cockly smile of his. Robert was one of the best OPPosites we have. While he was number 1 i was number 2. I had always been second when it came to competition with Robert, for a while i admired him, but then he started to get under my skin. I'm not saying that Robert isn't sexy, believe me he is" he's just the most arrogant-obnoxious-egotistical-selfimportant guy in the entire planet.

"Yeah because everygirl loves to hear that Pattson." i said, using his old last name. He shrugged and sat down next to me. I scooted over a little, and the bartender handed me my drinks.

"You aren't going to drink all those are you?" he asked wide eyed. I rolled my eyes.

"What, you perfer a gril who smokes, cuz i do that too." i grumbled. I pulled out a pack of cigars. Robert looekd like he wanted one, but i didn't bother to ask.

"Actually i perfer both in women." he said, winking. I rolled my eyes and guzzled down the first vodka. The drink burned the back of my throat, and the cigar smoke filled my lungs. I swallowed down a cough.

"Good to know."

"How did your mission go?"

"Easy." i lied. Actually it hadn't been, when the girl broke my ribs i almost pulled a 'go on with out me!" on Zeak.

He nodded and turned to me.

"I want you to come on my next mission with me. As you know..."

"A sidekick?" i asked, rasing one eyebrow.

"Well, for lack of better words. yes." I narrowed my eyes at me.

"You're a damn f**k. No i'm not going with you. Number one i'm no sidekick to any a*****e, and two i don't want to exchange dieases with you." i said walking off.

I looked down at my watch, damn! 6:30! I'm late!

© 2009 Samo

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Added on November 22, 2009
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