Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Samo

 There were foot steps coming quickly through the halls. As they got louder and louder Kate Bridgeton frantically wiped her hands on her skirts,stabbed the cigar in the ash tray, threw the pen inside the desk, and looked at the paper sitting before her. The foot steps were right outside the door and right before her mother, Maya Brdigeton, came hustling through the door Kate folded the paper and put it between her legs.

"Nancy please put those flowers in the entrance hall!" she yelled over her shoulder. The sharp edges of the paper were digging into Kate's thighs.

"Kate...what are you doing here? And," she sniffed the air "Is that smoke i smell?" her mother asked, cocking a brown eyebrow. Kate shrugged and slid a gloved finger across the table.

"Kate quit that right this instant...and for god's sake go put on you party dress  they're almost here!" her mother yelled and stalked out of the room.

"Nancy go put an extra pair of gloves in Kate's room! And will someone please light some scented candles throughout this house, to get this god awful smell out!" Kate heard her yell out the door. Kate sighed in relief and slid the papers out between her legs, she winced as they came apart from the engraving in her thighs.

Great another party


© 2009 Samo

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Added on November 24, 2009
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Name is Samo, i write, that's it :D. more..

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