For a City Girl: Rules to Dating a Country Boy

For a City Girl: Rules to Dating a Country Boy

A Poem by Sammie Sanchez

After a date with a redneck. it was an amazing date

1. Realize that the vehicle of choice is most likely a truck. Example: A giant beast of a solid black truck that takes up two parking spots

2. He will love country, so let him play with the radio as he shuffles passed all  
of the rap or whatever else he has on his playlist and once you see a country song or another ask him to play it. He will feel like y'all have a shared interest furthering the interest in you.
3. He has had manners drilled into him since the time he was born. So let the man open your door for you and pay for the whatever. That type of  chivalry is dying out so let your man pamper you!
4. He is protective. He will fight the guy next to him for stating you are anything less than perfect and then fight the next for saying that you are perfect. Even shoot a guy for following too closely while driving. 
5. He will worship you. Making you the best part of his life, and in return he will be yours. His arms around you squeezing you slightly, he isn't trying to kill you. He is making sure you are real. 
6. He will probably show you off to his entire family in one night. This includes parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles. And long as you are funny, open, and respectful you should be fine
7. Unlike in the city were its place to place and then your lost, the country is open. He will drive you down twenty-six different roads at night and still know where he is. You can actually see the stars as well which is a nice touch too.
8. He will sing so don’t be afraid when you hear a low roar beside you in the giant contraption he calls his truck. And at first you won't think much of it until you realize that y'all have been singing to every song that comes on word for word together. Making you smile at him while he isn't looking .    
9. He will love you whole heartily and he will show it too. So don’t assume that he thinks that your easy. He just wants to treat you right.
10. Love him. Respect him. Worship him. Thank him for his kindness and be grateful for little things that he provides because city boys won't do half of these things.

© 2017 Sammie Sanchez

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Sammie Sanchez
Sammie Sanchez

Waskom, TX

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