A Father Lost

A Father Lost

A Poem by Jennifer

i wrote this a long time ago


A father lost
A father gone

A long time coming
A long time past

He died 11 years ago
On that fateful June day

leaving behind 3 kids
a problem son and 2 sweet daughters

his little girl of 5
was the sweetest of them all

what possessed him to leave her two years
before No One will ever know

he left to be  with another woman
she too had kids of her own

she let him drink and do drugs
which his wife would not allow

one night after drinking lots
he drove his cycle to a shop

to pick up a part for his car
with no helmet he drove real fast

A cop behind him ignored his speed
for no one else was around

headed for the high way
he hit gravel on the ramp

losing control he layed his bike down
sliding back into a pole

he died instantly that night
he'd never had a chance

his collision yanked a major vein
right out of his brain

his youngest daughter wasn't told
until she could get home

when finally told the little girl replied
“my daddy is with Jesus now”

her grandfather bawled
but she shed no tears

'till years later she'd find
the real story behind

the reason her dad had died
now at 13 she often asks why

what could that woman give
that he couldn't find at home

was it somehow her fault
was it because of her heart

she was born missing a valve
her doctors were wowed

that she'd somehow survived
through the multiple surgeries she endured

a happy family she'd been brought to
'till one day it was destroyed

when asked the mother replied
“it was sex that he'd wanted”

so tired was the worried mother
that every night she'd say no

too depressed to want sex
she never gave in

tired of the constant nagging she one day said
“ find some one to give you what you want then let me know”

Never was she told about the other woman
till one day he said he was leaving
no divorce was to be had
fore the father would not sign

to court it would have been taken
had he not have died so suddenly

at his funeral the woman showed up crying
the little girl now 5 wouldn't sing for her dad

she hated the fact that the stupid b***h had shown
she'd been nothing to her dad just his stupid sex toy

the b***h had no right to come and so
the little girl refused to sing

the little girl will often cry
fore she never got to say her goodbye
little girl, now 16 has a step dad who loves her but
still she'll often cry “why did he leave me?”

to this very day that woman is hated
she tore my family apart

I am not the mother nor the son
I'm not even the oldest daughter

I'm the little baby girl left to
grow up without her dad

I  am now in the dating scene and often wonder if
my dad is there with me when I get into a rift

I know my dad did love me and 
I know deep down twas not my fault yet

I often wonder if had, I not been born
would he still be alive today
I still sometimes cry at night
for a father lost.

© 2010 Jennifer

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I am sorry to hear that,,, seems triite to say but I didn't really know my father at all (he died in 04). But he didn't choose another woman just another drink,,, after another

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on December 5, 2010
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Beavercreek, OH

im an 11th grade author. I have been writing since i could well write.i started a book in tenth grade and am currently working on it. more..