Travis DeLaney

Travis DeLaney

A Poem by Saphira

you decide


Time fights with the love felt,

Ragest eh sins of life

Always in the heart of man

Vanity is felt within

I love you in all that ways I could

So you slapped me down

Damn you to hell and gone for all you broke

Ever hopeful you will fall and be destroyed

Lasting heavens never collide

Always alone in the realm of love

Now I stay with one that doesn't really love me

Even though my heart belongs to you

You never loved me did you my dear


You claimed you loved me

you took me as your bride,

you didn't thing I would reside

within the soul that lived within me,

now you walk awy and pretend I don't

exist, do you care, no you don't I dont'

give a dam any more.

Time was an enemy to me,.

cant you see the pain you have caused

do you care?

do you want ot know that there is left of me?

nothing my dear can't you tell I am dead

for all that see me.

I was the w***e in the lovers arms,

I was the w***e the you took

I was the w***e you too to your bed that night,

2000.00 spent to come to you

but can't  you see none of it wasted,

that is where I wanted to be.

© 2009 Saphira

Author's Note

Please forgive any spelling or grammear mistakes I am not exactly sober while writting this but it is something that had to come off my chest and it was written as I felt it. Thank you for reading if yoy do

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A sad painful writing. It is good to write expressions of one's heart...Thank you for sharing. Debileah

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 20, 2009



Lachine, MI

I am a 50 year old woman who likes writting. I have many problems in my life so if you want to avoid the problems then perhaps you should avoid me. I was told that I am selfish, self centered , arro.. more..